Working out is the best way to ensure a fit body and mind, but making yourself prepared for the workout regime is quite a difficult job. Either you cannot manage time for the same or you don’t know how to plan your workout in such a way that it becomes effective. That is the main reason why you fail to achieve the fitness target that you have set for yourself. If you are trying to lose weight through workout or just want to stay healthy, it is crucial to follow a plan and that plan can be managed through an android app named workout organizer.


Workout Organizer is presented by Genbu Studios and the provider has made sure that the app is easy to understand and use. The app looks like a music player which has intuitive control and can be used to store your fitness regime. Set timers for the time allocated to each workout, and manage your workout routine in an efficient manner. You are not going to work out more or less than what you actually require. This is a free version of the game where you can store up to 3 playlist for your workout. The system notifies you when you require starting one set and when you need to move to the other. Apart from that, there are weight calculations which will let you know about your current health status.



  • Workout Organizer is an android app designed in the model of a music player.
  • The interface of the player is quite easy to use as the control is just like a music player.
  • The interface of the app is designed to provide simplicity in operation and style so the user can easily organize his schedule.
  • You can set as many playlist of workout as you want but if you are using the free version, then it is only 3.
  • The app has a dual timer which will let you know about the time remaining in a set and the total workout time remaining to be completed.
  • You can always create a new set for the workout and modify it. It is also possible to save the list for regular use.
  • The app is designed keeping the requirement of the user in mind and thus, there is a beautifully designed interval time for the user to take rest.
  • The full version is available on iOS and you can set music with the workout sets in that version.
  • The current version of the app is 1.0.4 and it requires android 2.0.1 or up.
  • The free app takes around 8.5 MB space on your android device.


Summary: Workout Organizer organizes your workout schedule in the professional manner which makes it easy to calculate your health status. The app is great to look at and operate.

Good: This is a free app with an interface of a music player which makes it easy to operate and enjoyable for the user.

Bad: The full version with music player is not available for the free users on android.

App Rating :  *  *  *  *

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