With the ever-growing popularity of YouTube, the number of videos being put up on it is also increasing in number by the day. This makes it harder to find quality videos to watch. This means that you have to spend a considerable amount of time just sifting through videos to find the best ones. To save you all this trouble, Music Tubee iOS app will help by saving you all this trouble and effort.


Music Tubee lists out the best 100 music chart videos, categorized as per their music type. You even have the option of viewing as per artists or searching for particular tracks in the list. Searching through videos and creating playlists otherwise takes a good amount of time and may not yield best results.


Another amazing feature that this app gives you is that you can change modes between shuffle, loop or continuous as per your choice. Also, you can play it in the background without the app causing any disturbance in your other tasks. The categories of music available with this app are very vivid and cover almost everything. You can find all your favorite music videos under one roof easily. To access the latest releases, you can go to the ‘Alternative’ category.


Videos loaded through this iOS app load faster than they normally would on your device. Airplay is also supported, along with arranging videos as per your choice into playlists. You can rewind videos for upto 10 seconds. If you conduct any searches, the keywords are saved, thus saving you further trouble in successive searches. As you watch videos, the history of watched videos is saved. Another excellent feature is the ease of sharing videos in Twitter and Facebook.

It is a commonplace occurrence that one doesn’t find the time to keep up with latest video releases, owing to their busy schedules. With Music Tubee, you get to catch up with the latest select popular videos while on the move. You get access to the best, without having to take out the time and effort to search for them. It’s all served on a silver platter for you.


There is a lot you can do with video playlists using this app. It allows you to go back to already watched videos or skip to the next one in a playlist. With the use of your earphones alone, you can even start and pause videos.

The navigation of this app has been made very intuitive, clean and simple. Everything is crystal clear even at first glance. The user interface is something of a simplified and neater version if that of YouTube.

When a music video is played, it appears minimized at first, suiting the purpose of listening to music on earphones all the better. In case you wish to watch the video itself, then there is an easily accessible expansion button that makes the video full size.

The Music Tubee app has a few annoying ads, but they aren’t intolerable as such. There is always the option of upgrading to the paid version, which removes all ads and allows videos to be played in full HD.

Good: Intuitive interface, latest videos with easy sharing

Bad: The ads can be annoying at times

Apps400 Rating :  *  *  *  *

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