The router users often face problem with the security of their network and their devices. The Wi-Fi routers are used for internet connectivity but it is also essential to stay no matter what kind of internet connection you are using. It is crucial to know what the hackers are getting from your router and what password is decoded to them. WiFi keygen by LeosApps was designed for you to track the password of the routers which are within the network area. It can track the routers and make you get the username and password of the router. However, the password is the default one and the app is only applicable for EasyBox routers.


The wifi router is quite an important part of internet connectivity and in case you forget the id and password it can be a problem for you to get connected. There are several wifi zones too where internet connectivity can be established when you know the id and password. However, it should be done in a legal manner and you should make sure that you are not using any connection unethically. The developer of the app has placed emphasis on the fact that the software is not made for hacking but for technical use. The app is designed in such a way that the usability is superb and provides enough assistance to the new users.



  • The WiFi keygen is an app that lets you know about the closest available routers and the password.
  • The userid and password is generated by the application in a simple manner for all the EasyBox routers, but the app is not appropriate for any other routers.
  • The finding of the router is based on the signal strength and only those routers which are within the network will be mentioned by the app.
  • The app marks the available and compatible Easybox router with a green tick. If the tick is orange there is a possibility of it being an Easybox. The routers which are not compatible are marked with a red cross.
  • The app only tells you about the default password of the router and not the changed password.
  • The developer also makes sure to inform the user that entering into the network of other people without permission is illegal and the app is not made for any kind of illegal usage.
  • The app is compatible to android 1.5 of up and it requires only 615 kb space on your device.
  • The app is available for free and the version 4.7 has new design and auto scan options.
  • The password analysis is good enough in the current version.


Summary: Wifi Keygen is an app made for decoding the id and password of the wifi router made by Easybox. It detects the routers in the network region and lets you know about the password.

Good: The app is quick in response and quite easy to operate. It is given out free for the time being.

Bad: There is a possibility of mishandling of the application and the app is limited to only EasyBox.

Apps400 Rating :  *  *  *  *

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