There are quite a number of alarm clock apps that one can come across in the market place. Do they all meet the required needs of the user? Absolutely not! Thus, there is great need for the user to make an informed choice when it comes to getting the best app that can completely bring great satisfaction. Meanwhile, there is one notable app designed by Apalon Apps which has proved to be exceptional. My Alarm Clock App has been acclaimed due to its high quality formation and amazing features that it has incorporated. The user gets to discover a unique way of checking time, enjoy the powerful and bright built-in flashlight, get to understand weather conditions of the vicinity around and even get woken by amazing and relaxing music.


How My Alarm Clock App functions

The entire operation involved in this incredible app is pretty easy to comprehend. After installing the app, the user can proceed to choose an amazing stylish design for the clock. The next thing can involve creating a customized wake-up playlist that will absolutely consist of soothing music.

Besides, it would be great if there could be some cool songs to sooth the user at night in order to induce sleep. The sleep timer can perform that task. Without forgetting, the in-built flashlight is quite effective especially at night of course! All these components have been integrated in one app; what a multi-functional app My Alarm Clock App is!

Here are the awesome features that the user will discover from this incredible app:

Night stand mode

This amazing feature can be fully activated where the My Alarm Clock App can act as a bedside clock. Interestingly, this great app contains stunning themes which make it to display the clock at night in a beautiful manner. Having a gorgeous bedside clock around can really be awesome!


Non-stop alarm and auto-snooze

The user will discover that the snooze feature in the alarm will snooze automatically after a period of about 30 seconds. If the user is not awake, it can repeatedly snooze till it has been stopped. In some situation, the user can set multiple alarms which are meant to ensure that the user wakes up at the right time.

Dimming feature

When it comes to changing the light intensity or the brightness of the screen, the dimming feature can operate really efficiently. Thus, once the sleep timer has been activated, the app can activate the dimming feature to ensure that the user is not blinded by excess light.

Shortcuts to the main screen

This user-friendly feature is meant to ensure that the user is can quickly reach out for the essential features like alarm clock and sleep timer with utmost ease. Thus, a shortcut is created on the screen where one can access it with a touch of the button!

Landscape and Portrait modes supported

In relation to flexibility of the My Alarm Clock App, the user is able to enjoy different vertical and horizontal orientations; this is facilitated by the presence of the Landscape and Portrait modes. This will absolutely make the entire exposure to this app quite stunning.


Live Weather updates

The ability of My Alarm Clock App to support live weather updates makes it quite outstanding. Regardless of the user’s location, this amazing app can be able to provide information relating to weather and temperatures once the location permission has been availed by the user. Interestingly, such data are reliable and accurate!

Check below for the merits and demerits found in My Alarm Clock App:


· Great sounds emanating from the alarm

· Alarm works even when app is not on

· Easy to set-up and operate

· Functional and beautiful clock faces

· The weather function is amazing regardless of location


· A bit challenging to add more alarms

· Crashes with time; reduced performance


It has always been handy to possess a clock that can provide one with great service especially when travelling or heading to job. My Alarm Clock App has proven to be more than just an ordinary app due to its versatile nature. Being an app that is simple to setup and also comes with many customizable features, the user will absolutely benefit from it. Clearly, it is worth recommendable. Get it at Google Play if in need of a perfect time keeping app!

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