The power of human mind is enormous. Our thoughts are so influential that it can get converted into actions, which is why elders often advice to ‘Think Positive at all times’.  If the thought of one individual have so much power then, think about the power and energy that can be obtained when so many people think about the same thing, its success ratio is enormous, i.e. those thoughts have more probability of getting converted into action. Mass Meditation app helps you to connect your thoughts with so many individuals all around the world to get the positive vibes and make the world a better place. This app has been developed and launched by Zsolt Sarosi for the iPhone, iPad and iPod users.


The app is compatible with the devices which has iOS 5.0 or later. Mass Mediation app is available in more than 15 languages to have a Universal appeal for the audience all around the world. Some of the languages in which the app is available include English, Chinese, Danish, Japanese, French, Korean, Italian, Polish, and German and so on.


How it Works?

Mass Meditation app tries to revolutionize the meditation by taking it to a whole new level by encouraging the users to start social meditation sessions. Each human being is unique and the power and potential varies from one individual to another, Mass Meditation app helps you to capitalize on the strengths of the other individuals in a positive way.  The users can get started in a really simple manner, when you have something in your mind about the meditation, and then all you need to do is to start a group so that others can join from all over the world. The users can also choose any meditation from the list by just browsing through the various options and can join with the other members of the group.  Mass Meditation app helps the users to connect with various practitioners throughout the globe. During meditation most individuals will try to concentrate some picture which will vary according to their mind set, users can join the groups which has pictures reflecting their mood or you can invite others to join you.



ü  The app provides the users with attractive features such as two songs which will help you to relax your body and mind.

ü  The user interface has been designed in a very thoughtful way by which the users can just leave the meditation as and when they want by just swiping with your finger. This helps others to carry on with their mediation without any disturbance.

ü  When someone creates a new meditation room it automatically appears on your screen.

ü  The users can also set timings for their daily meditation.

ü  Mass Meditation app also allows the users to share their experiences with their buddies on the social networking sites such as Facebook.



Mass Meditation app has been developed in a very creative and thoughtful manner which provides much value for your money. This amazing app is available for just $0.99 and can be easily downloaded from the App Store.

Good – Creative effort

Bad – Can introduce many additional features.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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