For every parent it is important to take care of their kid’s emotions and feelings. The mental health of a child should be good. For this Feelu can be the best platform to keep guiding your child about his or her feeling. This boost the mental health of the kid.

The application is not meant for professional mental therapy. This app offers the platform where a kid can openly express his or her feeling. This will increase the overall mental health of a child.


The application is made for kid’s interest. The graphics used in this app are cool with cartoon icons. The picturization is also nice. To hike the interest, there is music in the application. Each section is defined in a systematic manner. The interface is made user-friendly that convey the best user experience of the app. It is having a separate section for parents.

Step by step guidance for the handling of the negative feeling. It is also guiding to children on how to be kind towards nature and human being.

How it works?

The working of the application is simple enough. When you will download and install the application, it will show you different sections. On choosing the desired section, you will get a different approach. The sections are feelings, my feeling, mindful. In the feeling section, your child could easily track the feeling. In My feeling section, your child could easily express the feeling. The mindful section will provide the approach of doing meditation and this can be used on a daily basis before bed time. This will relax the mind and body of an individual.

The other sections are game, kindness and handle the bullying. In the game section the child’s task not to choose the right or wrong answer. It’s just for expressing how the child would feel in response to different incidents. The kindness option will encourage your kids to be kind towards human being and animal. In case if your child get abused then to handle the same handle bullying can be used.

Merits of Feelu:

  • It is a friendly application for kids
  • Teaches kids how to deal with a negative feeling
  • With a simple approach, big benefits could be grab
  • It teaches a child to live happily and be grateful for small things
  • The positive effect of this app is kids overall development
  • Reacting towards bullying
  • Developing the feeling of kindness

You will get any counsellor or any advice from a particular person. It is just for expressing the feeling like kindness, anger, happiness, calm etc.

Compatible platform:

The app is available for iOS users for App store. The requirement is 12.1 or later and compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Final touch:

Feelu app is a mobile app that is like a boon. Kids can remain happy with the help of this app and this ultimately improves their development. When your child will get encouraged towards kindness, the feeling of sympathy will be developed in him or her. The overall mental health will also be improved if the child starts focusing on small things as grateful.

Summary: Feelu is a mobile application which provides a great platform for kids to express their feeling. It encourages children.

  • Usability: 4.5
  • Features: 5
  • Graphics: 4.5
  • Accessibility: 5

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