Are you interested in playing games? Do you like to get yourself involved on an arcade for hours together? Bored with the usual puzzle, word or shooter games? How about trying a new game that comes with a twist? Yes, IA OE is a magical hero geometry blocks world and is an unique app that I have ever come across.  

IA OE is a rhythm based action platformer, with dangerous passages and spiky obstacles. The developers, MDeeApp always have a thing for innovative apps and they come up with more different ones now and then. Their apps have always been my personal favorite.

The game’s objective is you being the flare, where you travel by moving the left and right arrows on the screen. There is another touch button that will help the flare jump high as and when you need. Your aim is to jump and move forward without hitting any obstacles. If you get hurt by thorns or fall down on the way, then you have to revert back to your initial position. The game may sound very simple but it is a lot more challenging then you can imagine. IA OE is very interesting and difficult to master. It puts your concentration and coordination skills to a test. This decides the number of levels you pass and the scores you obtain. When you jump higher you get two points.

The app’s menu has various items various like start, options and rate us. The options allow you to change the background color which gives the game an aesthetic feel. There are five different background colors to choose from. The game is so colorful and you would enjoy to see all the colors around you. You can also choose the color of your flare and its thickness. I wish to see more options like sound on/off, social media sharing of scores and a lot to make IA OE user interface much better. The sounds in the game are very different and fast paced. I.A.O.E. war, numerous power ups, bonus rounds, secret blocks and other bonus items are all awaiting for you in this astounding app.

This app belongs to the Arcade category in the Google Play Store and is free of cost. It displays ads in the middle when you are online. Otherwise you have no worries, there are no ads when you play the game offline. The game is super addictive and you will never get bored with it.

Worth Having App – Download the App