MyMusaic, a product of MyMusaicInc, does exactly what it says on the tin: it allows the user to create photo slideshows matched to music. The app does not do much more than that, but what it does do it handles well enough to be worth the download.


There are two main features offered by MyMusaic. The first is the aforementioned photo slideshows. The second is the creation of events,’ which can be accessed through a secret code given to other attendees. These shared albums allow multiple users to upload content, which can be used by any of the contributors to create slideshows.


To add photos, users may choose to import from Instagram, events, or their own camera rolls. Like most apps, this one asks for a contact lists from Instagram when the user logs in to import photos, but the request can be denied. There is, however, a possible complaint here. MyMusaic does not load Instagram’s complete photo inventory, meaning that only more recent photos can be accessed.

Once photos have been selected, the user chooses a song from the music list in their phone. MyMusaic offers the opportunity to choose the starting point of the song for best effect. It does not, however, repeat photos and there is no option to make it do so. A user must have enough images to fill as much of the song time as they would like included in the movie; as soon as the chosen images are cycled through, the song fades out.


The user also does not have the ability to choose the timing of the photo cycle. This is done automatically by the app, which matches them to the beat of the song. This matching works quite well, though perhaps not well enough to meet the “like magic” claim made inMyMusaic’s description of the patent-pending Beat Magic in the App Store.

When a video is made, the user may preview it and choose to save it. The privacy settings are easily accessible on the share screen, and allow a choice of making the video public, visible to followers, or visible only to people specifically tagged or given a link by the user. Similarly, events may also be public or shared with specific users. Without an invite, public events may only be viewed, not added to.

The final feature of MyMusiac is a user profile, which can be given a profile image and shows the number of followers and the number of people a user follows, as well as their movies, events, and places. From the profile screen, posts can be made private or public, and the user’s private phone number can be edited. There is a copy public profile’ option which is not yet active.

Though the app description does promise future updates, as it currently stands there is not much room for user creativity. That said, MyMusaic is an app that is successful at what it does – creating photo movies, and that’s all it needs to be.

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