Today there are many game applications that many people enjoy playing in their iPads or iPhones. The app store from apple contains a great number of these applications ranging from 2D simple games to high three-dimensional games. Cube Collider is the latest release from app store for iOS operators. This is an interactive game that houses some interesting features and impressive graphics. It is a 2D game developed with the aim of bringing a whole new experience in playing games. This app is about 13.3 MB and has been tested and proven to be compatible to all Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch. The application runs on version 6.1 of the iOS and is freely downloadable using Wi-Fi or data connection from the respective devices.


The application has an attractive graphical interface accompanied with colored cubes. It also has simple icons that users can use to interact with the application. The app utilizes your operation device capability to attain the high-performance speed. If you are looking for a game that will bring a new style of entertainment, then you need to play Cube Collider.


This game works by matching cubes of the same color. The cubes are rotated by swiping the device screen from left to right. If there is a match of squares having the same color, you collide them through touching the squares for you to win the game. Failure to that, a loss of the game is registered. While playing this game, you can still login in social sites like Facebook and share the game progress with others. This presents the perfect source of entertainment through competing with friends. The game also comes with an amazing sound track that users can enjoy as they play the game. It is also important to note that the game supports English language only.


As the level of the game advances, the rate at which the cubes falls increases and players are supposed to be more attentive, have better timing and collide the cubes at a higher speed for them to proceed to the next level. The nice graphics in the game gives it a soothing experience. Players can also multi-task while they participate in the game

Cube Collider 1.1 is the latest version of the game has been check for bugs and errors that can arise and has proven beyond doubt to operate with great efficiency. This version comes with improved speed and lovely features that enable users to enjoy the game to the maximum. Players who already have the game installed in their devices need only to upgrade it to the latest version. It is advisable for users to look constantly out for the latest updates and new features added for this game from the app store.

It is without doubt that this new application from Apple will offer the perfect source of entertainment for all iOS users. All is required from you is to visit the app store, install the new application and start playing as well as sharing your progress with friends.

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