Are you ready to enter a new planet, one haunted with terror and undertake a new unmatchable adventure? The World of Ktalu is just what you need then. The new iOS app, Ktalu: Planet of Terror transports you to a new and exciting world full of perilous dangers, wealth to be won and terrifying beasts. All you have to do is go and grab your destiny where it awaits you. You have to stand the test of numerous dangers and manage to stay alive?  Or will you succumb to the pressures and give up the fight to meet your end?


This adventure will take you to a world which is unparalleled by any other. The planet of Ktalu has been created really well with excellent graphics and a lot of innovation. It is packed with action, adventure and will keep you engaged for a good while. It is a world into which you can lose yourself entirely. Maneuver your spacecraft on the rugged surface of this planet. It holds precious minerals in abundance for you to acclaim but they are not unguarded. It is teeming with alien beasts who are flesh eating and hungry. On your journey, you will encounter thick and dense storm clouds, never ending black holes and have to kill aliens who will deter you on your mission.


The aim is to collect minerals while dodging death at the hands of the blood thirsty aliens. You just have to gear yourself up well for the planet is indeed quite scary and affrighting. Each time you get out unscathed from a death trap, you do good to your bankroll, which you can use to upgrade and improve your spaceship, build up your defenses or to purchase better weaponry in order to meet more adventure. There is so much that awaits you on this planet that you will never get bored of it and will keep asking for more.

You can harness your imagination by using many flags and banners to decorate your spaceship. The game is easy and simple to play, with a user friendly and intuitive interface. While it might be easy to grasp it at first, mastering it needs a lot more skill and practice. It is quite challenging a task to do. The app is free of cost but there are many purchases of defenses and weapons that you can make in the app to enhance your chances of survival. Although this is not all that necessary, it is quite helpful at times. There is a feature to disable in-app purchases if not required in the settings of the app.


Ktalu, a shooting game, is sure to keep you hooked for a good while. The manner in which the cross-operation has been done is quite interesting. The concept is along the lines of the basic spaceship game- collect tools, tilt controls, avoid the aliens and upgrade your ship with coins or in-app purchases. What gives it an edge is the terror and adventure that all of this has been wrapped in. If you like adventure, then this is an app that you cannot miss indeed.

Good: Adventure and dangers are exciting and engaging, simple

Bad:  None found.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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