With this new kind of iPhone applications or new iPod’s camera, the iPauseMusic detects motion and pause the currently playing audio. Most of the global users have fall under this new kind of iphone applications.

It is advised that when your boss and co-workers listening to music at your desk, this iPauseMusic finds easy way to listen music at your desk without ignoring your work environment.

You can use this iphone application at the office to listen music at your desk while iPauseMusic watches for visitors. If then when a visitor comes into your area, the music is paused, while the display changes to the camera view and the prominent “Paused” message displays. By this manner it lets the visitor know they can now start talking to you.

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This iphone application of iPauseMusic triggers from motion in the user specified area. While all other motion is ignored, it is trusted that the size and location are easily modified for your specific environment.

It has effective screenshots which include cartoon images in place of the camera views. This iphone application uses the devices of real camera. It is quite compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod touch (4th generation).

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