Music is an art of defining every soul in this world. It’s a medium of Interaction among most living beings. Birds and Animals communicate in the form music. Almost everything we have in this world has some form of music or other. Human has the capacity to find music in every single object in this world. Even many people learned to communicate with animals and birds in the form of music. This trend has now changed the world to communicate even within human kind in the form of music. One such similar trend setter application is designed by Musations ltd. This app Musations is a social media application which allows you to share your thoughts and moods in the form of music. You get a chance to express anything you would like to share in the form of music.


Musations iOS app is like any other social media applications, it sets up a platform to stay together with your friends and find new friends across the globe. The user interface of this application looks very simple and neat. The user interface looks similar to Twitter and Facebook, even it replicates few of twitter features like the ‘@’ symbol before your handle. Few features have the replica of Facebook like ‘Post’, ‘Follow’, ‘likes’ etc. These are common features among most social media since Facebook and Twitter are established apps we could compare it with them. You can control these features by enabling or disabling them in your Profile page. But honestly it eases the usability for an end user. It’s just the look and feel which replicates other popular apps but the actual theme of this app is very unique.

Communicate with Music a theme which is well implemented in this app. A blend of Song lyric clips with your message creates a Musation. With the help of Musation you could express your thoughts in a unique way and impress your friends. You have the option to invite your friends via text message or via Email. Alternatively you can search more celebrities and start following them. If you are a private person and not interested to share your thoughts publicly, then you can create a private conversation with your friends. Blend in to the world of music by repitching your favorite musations on your feed. You can keep track on what’s trending on the Musation world by navigating to Featured, Trending and Popular feeds with a single slide. It helps you to get to know the latest happenings in the form of Musation.


When you search for song to broadcast you get various options as search criteria, like you could search the iTunes Online, Lyrics Online, Your iTunes and Musations Clips. In each of these search results you will find millions of results and it’s very easy to find and share the right one suits your mood and thoughts. Even you have the option to manage your favorite sound clips and Mood clips. Broadcast your Musations and Keep track of you activities under Activity tab. When you create cool Moodclips and Musations you can easily form a fanbase of your own in the Musations world.

Pros: Unique theme and very simple social media application with a familiar user interface. Expressing anything in the form of music will always be a success, including this iOS application. You have option to login with your Facebook/Twitter account, if you don’t like to manage multiple social media accounts.

Cons: Like any other free application, this app also has advertisements, but the good thing is they won’t force you to click or watch ads like many other apps.

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