Walk Band is an Android app that music lovers will love for sure. It is an app that gives you a portable band right inside your pocket. It brings you many instruments including the Keyboard, Bass, Drum Machine, Guitar, Drum Kit and allows you to record multiple tracks. For budding musicians, there are many advanced features to create orchestral or solitaire recordings.


If you have an Android tablet or phone, then this app is sure to excite you, provided you have a taste for music. There are mainly 5 instruments, with other variants of the same. All in all, there are about twenty instruments for you to make use of. The Keyboard, for example, comprises of Music Box, Synth, Acoustic, Organ, Bright, Rhodes and more. Additional features can be downloaded as plugins from the Google Play store.


One of the main features of this app is that it offers multiple finger support. The positions of the keys can be adjusted to suit your taste. However, if your screen size is limited, you might be disappointed at the size of the keys. After all, fitting all is equally essential. There are ancillary options like a metronome too. In the case of other instruments, there are similar feature offered. In the Guitar, you can switch the positions of the frets and strings. In the Drum Machine, you can control the tempo, intensity and other features at all points of your instrument. There is support for touch pressure detection and multiple touch too.


If you are a beginner, there are numerous instruments with full sample songs that you can learn from. For veterans, there are multi track recording and other options. Additionally, you can connect the app to an external MIDI Keyboard through a USB.

While there are similar apps in the market, this one gains in terms of how clear and authentic the sound is. The acoustics sound near perfect and are well tuned. Also, you can make the most of what you record. You can set your recordings as ringtones or even share them with your friends. You can see what others share and comment on it as well. If you wish, you can share the link of your recording on social networks as well.

Using this app, it is very simple to create your own beats, using the best features of all musical instruments. There is a lot for you to experiment with. You can record multitracks on different instruments and also merge different tracks of a certain instrument to a single track. You can use an original recording as a basis to record on another instrument too.

The user interface is not particularly great in terms of design but is highly functional. At times, the keys and strings on certain instruments may seem too small to work with. However, it has a lot to offer for music lovers, that too free of cost.

Good: Multitouch and pressure sensor support

Bad: Keys are too small

Worth Having Application – Download the App