If you’ve ever submitted an obituary to a newspaper when a loved one passes then you know that they aren’t particularly cheap. The average price is $300, with most submissions costing much more depending on the coverage of the newspaper! With more people accessing their information digitally, do such high prices make sense?

Not according to Scott Found, creator of MyObits. Available to download now on iOS and Google Play, MyObits aims to “Give the obituary back to the people”. It offers low-cost obituary submissions – as low as $35 – with no limit on how long the submission is.

To streamline the obituary process you can decide to make the notice fully public or private, so you can share it with who you choose to. To make the obituary easy to find you can use a variety of different information as keywords – from military service and workplace to church affiliations and high school.

With such a simple, straightforward process this is surely a welcome change from having a tiny notice in an ad-littered newspaper with limited reach. There are also a couple of other quality-of-life features which are bound to be useful, such as the optional guest book and flower site to make it easy for loved ones to send fresh flowers.

Saving you hundreds of dollars and giving you complete freedom over what you post, MyObits is a cost-effective, straightforward alternative to traditional print based methods. It’ll no doubt help ease some of the stress and financial burden when a loved one passes away.

Download MyObits now on Google Play and iOS. Visit www.myobits.com for more information.