There are plenty of iphone games are in market, categorized in different ways like arcade, HO, fun, role playing, time management, adventure, logical and more. Since puzzle game has it own  special place among iphone game lovers.

I would like to review such kind of puzzle game which has been released recently on itunes by Hill Stone Animation studios.  Yes, will the review of new “ HexRoto” puzzle game here. Hexroto is a ball based logical puzzle game intended to improve logical thinking power and concentration power of the player.

At starting of game play, game has no. of color balls arranged in a hexagon format. Gamer need to tap the ball to make the ball to fix on it’s colored ring ball.  It preliminary stages gamer will find very few hexa ball arrangements. Player need to fix the  particular ball in it highlighted ring with minimum number of rotations.

Number of moves in the game will be calculated to bring the player star rating. Minimum moves to get the  ball fixed on the place will provide 3 star rating to the players, if player had more  moves then the star rating will be reduced.

There are 45 challenging levels in this game play, when levels are getting higher, the game gets more challenging and tough even for well players. Cool graphics and shining balls adds more value to the game play. Player can not move to successive levels with out finishing the current level , so need to be more conscious on game.

Challenging and fun puzzle game available in itunes marketing for just $0.99. we can download it for our iphone, ipad and ipod touch devices.

Customer Rating :    *  *  *  *  *

This game is very nice. The rule is simple. Tap the ball to roll other balls around it. Put the color ball into the right position. It’s looks very easy but some levels are not. You have to think about carefully before you tap the ball. It has more challenges. I love it very much. – Review by Eric Zq ( Game buyer on Store)

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