In case if you’ve ever taken a photo outside on a bright sunny day, only to find part of the photo way too dark and part of it way too light, you’ve mostly come across one of the problems inherent with digital photography, a single exposure can only contain a limited dynamic range.

Meanwhile this High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography develops an image that is not possible with a single shot. Primarily the effect is achieved by merging different photos of an identical frame taken with different exposures like dark underexposures, bright overexposures, and medium exposures and using only the properly exposed parts of each photo.

With quality HDR, you can keep the details of clouds on a sunny day while saving a shaded part of the scene in the foreground that may normally be underexposed. Now, users searching the App Store for HDR apps which are met with a wide range of options and I primarily selected HDR Plus+ app developed by Todea Gross Ioan Vasile.

This familiar HDR Plus+ app allows you to create HDR images by selecting the best exposures for the current scenario.

Important Features of HDR Plus+

  • Manual ISO and exposure time control
  • Select each exposure for your scenario while capturing
  • Manual control of white balance + presets
  • Develop your own preset of exposures to be captured
  • You can edit each exposure separately and see the result in real-time
  • The gallery allows you to post-process your HDR images anytime

The app is pretty simple to use and the user interface of the app is basic. The whole app and the concept part are very good with the objectives of developing this app are clearly visible. Well, there are many HDR apps available on App Store to download but none like this.

Final go

The HDR Plus+ app developed by Todea Gross Ioan Vasile is purely qualitative to all the passionate users as it offers almost everything at just one click with lots of options and unique features.