Have you had those times when just the words of text messages were unable to put across your feelings and emotions and did you wish then that you could send audio and voice messages with just as much ease? If you have felt the need for this, then Hallo is what you need. Hallo is ‘just like texting, but with your voice’. You can make your voice heard among family, friends and to the whole wide world.

Hallo social app makes this process very simple. Just select the contacts of your choice, from your address book or from your connections on Twitter and Facebook and send messages to them. They will receive your messages almost instantly and can respond just as quickly. You can also post a public message if you wish for your voice to be heard by everyone. To make things all the better- the Hallo iOS app is completely free and can be used with 3G, WiFi or any other data network.

To send voice messages, all you need to do is select ‘Say hallo’, record your message and send it in less than 30 seconds. This app is free from the clutter of advertisements and works on cross-platform. So, you will never have to pay for this new type of text message. You can create a group to send messages to certain people only.

The effect that hearing one’s voice can have is unmatched by reading that which one has written. Hallo realizes this and hence makes texting more fun, allowing you to message a single person or a large group of friends. You can post your audio messages on to Twitter and Facebook and also follow interesting people and celebrities by listening to what they have to say for public updates in their own voice.

You can use your Hallo username to connect with people, which gives you the choice of disclosing yourself at a given point of time. You can connect to people without having to reveal your personal contact details and also take control of whom you receive private messages from. Thus, you get all the privacy you can ask for. You will feel so much closer to a person when you use your own voice to communicate with them through Hallo.

You can see control what the world sees you as by maintaining your profile as per your desire. You can always edit your profile, change your profile photos, etc. To stay better connected, you can also connect your Hallo account to your Twitter and Facebook, find friends and share your voice messages with them to keep them updated.

Every time you get new messages, new followers, mentions, replies, likes or connect requests, Hallo sends you a notification. But if you have very active friends whose posts keep sending you notifications to the point to irritate you, then Hallo also gives you power to control your notifications. You can change your notification settings to receive the notifications you want and leave out the others.

Hallo is indeed a social voice app that helps you connect better, feel closer to friends and family and makes your voice heard.

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