How about trying something creative? One of the interesting things one can find worth doing is coloring. By using fantastic color palettes and incredible illustrations, coloring can be pretty easy and enjoyable. The JoyCastle app developers have come up with an amazing Colorfly app that brings to the user a relaxing painting experience. With the recent update of the app on 14th October, 2016, its performance has been greatly improved in relation to functionality and upgraded features.

The users can now comfortably explore and apply wide range of coloring on detailed illustrations available in lots of beautiful pages. Surprisingly, even after spending a couple of minutes on the app, one can create an incredibly amazing masterpiece. It is all about putting imagination into action and giving the illustrations a renewed and transformed unique outlook. Truly, this 4+ stars app can be simply defined as addictive, fun-filled, and amazing and is available for absolutely free!


Getting Started With Colorfly app

This is absolutely one of the easy-to-use apps that one can come across. It simply requires imagination and creativity when applying different colors on the numerous gorgeous pages. First, the user can pick any type of color in line with the paint and start coloring. Some of the color palettes can be customized and applied to give the user the best impression that perfectly matches with preferred taste.

Once an individual has created a fantastic masterpiece of fine art, the Colorfly app allows such illustrations to be saved in the phone’s storage for future reference. Besides, there is the option of sharing with friends any fantastic artwork created using a quick and effective social platform. With the wide selection of gorgeous pages and free colors, Colorfly app is perfectly designed to bring great painting experience to the user in an exceptional way!

Compatible Devices for Colorfly app

The user needs to adopt a high quality and top-notch device in order to efficiently facilitate the functionality of this app. The current preferred devices that can support this app include iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone. Additionally, iOS 6.0 or any new version of operating system can also enhance the performance of the app.

What are the exceptional features that one will discover while using the Colorfly app? They include the following:


Gorgeous pages to color

One thing the user will note from this app is the integration of beautifully-designed pages that can be applied different coloring. Apparently, new pages can also be downloaded on weekly basis from the Online Galleries. This implies that the user will have a wide range of pages to choose from. Thus, this can boost creation of exceptionally amazing artwork that can be appealing and bring great satisfaction. Some of the premium features one can enjoy include design images and great surprises and premium color palates.

Only tap to get colors and paints 

The Colorfly app is pretty simple to use. It only requires a touch of a button to get the required colors and paints. The platform applied is user-friendly and thus making it quite easy for one to make different coloring. The entire experience with this exceptional coloring app is quite relaxing; within a couple of minutes, one will have created an amazing colorful presentation of fine art using the available colors. With Colorfly app, there are no hassles at all! Besides, there is the zoom in/out option that will highly assist in ensuring that the coloring comes out perfectly.

Easily save the created masterpiece

What next after coming up with a gorgeous artwork display? An individual may opt to save the masterpiece and revisit it later. Thus, an app that supports the saving option will make it easy for the colorful illustration to be well-stored in the compatible mobile gadget. Colorfly app has been designed in a manner that it facilitates storage of numerous detailed illustrations that the user can create using different colors and paints. This also makes sharing of such masterpiece quite convenient and easy!

Use customized color palettes

It is critical to note that there are numerous color palettes that one will come across on the Colorfly app. It might become a bit hard to use all of them. Interestingly, the user can easily handpick the favorite ones and customize them to perfectly meet the intended needs. This is meant to ensure that the overall performance and illustration is phenomenal and brings great satisfaction to the user. This is truly a feature worth trying!

Share with friends and family

It has always been great pleasure sharing the happiness created from the well-illustrated coloring. With such skillful piece of art, the user will absolutely be prompted to share such achievement with friends and family. Does this app support sharing? Indeed yes! Once the user has saved the masterpiece, it can always be ready for sharing using different social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let the world know and experience great piece of creative art made!

Here are the Pros and Cons that have been evident in this unique app:


  • Absolutely easy to use
  • Quite relaxing experience in coloring
  • Creates gorgeous and attractive masterpiece
  • Highly personalized color palettes worth adopting
  • Allows saving and sharing of unique illustrations created


  • Some color collections are strange
  • Difficult to color small spaces

Final Verdict

Colorfly app is truly the best coloring app that has inarguably proven to be efficient, high-performing and user-friendly. It has integrated essential components such as numerous color palettes, beautiful pages and design images. The users can apply them and create, store and share different fine pieces of art. It is current available for free but users can access premium features on weekly (for $2.99), monthly (for $7.99) and yearly (for $39.99) basis. With over 4,000,000 users, this is truly an app worth recommending. Download it today on the App Store and get started!

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