Despite being used in our everyday lives, it can often be easy to forget how recent they are of an invention – whilst they did exist before 2008, they had only really emerged in the way we see them today at that time with the first emergence of the various different app marketplaces and the development of different techniques for launching apps too. They’re now available in all shapes and sizes, whether that be for music and entertainment options as more options are available here online too, or for more of a productive purpose with work and efficiency apps – but how have apps helped to change the world?

Information provided in an instant – One of the big benefits of the digital era as a whole has been the ready and easy access to information, as apps have adopted the use of push notifications and alerts it allows this information to be instantly delivered without ever needing to open a new page or discover a new platform. It has been the answer to those random queries and questions at the dinner table to settle a bet, or to find the latest information during global events where information has become a necessity.

Work productivity has increased too – At this point we’ve all answered a phone call or an email outside of work hours, and it’s not uncommon to have work planning apps like Teams or Outlook on our mobile devices too – whilst this is a space that may be changing as efforts are being made to separate work and home life, but these apps have been essential to boosting productivity and providing the ground work to built what is now today a normal in remote work and location independent work too, with these apps having become the hallmark of those looking to work away from home.

The day-to-day made easier – Another of the big changes has simply come with making the day to day that much easier – we no longer have to go to the bank to pay a bill or sit on call with customer service to process answers, we simply tap open an app, and a couple of clicks later the bills are paid and customer service has answered any questions that may have come up. These platforms have only improved over time too, so efficiency continues to be key and offer something still quite new.

Apps have become a vital part of society now and have changed many aspects of the world we live in today – with major changes coming to the app marketplaces there may be a period of adjustment that hasn’t been seen for quite some time, but usage will look to remain largely unchanged.