Tools are instruments used to accomplish the successful completion of homework. There are technology tools which help students in the classroom and in doing homework, however, the fact that they all have different learning styles makes it challenging for some of them to effectively do their college homework. Teachers will always give the same homework across the entire class, regardless of the students being different in their learning techniques. It is time-consuming and unrealistic to have different homework for every student. Technology has made it easy to incorporate different learning techniques to cater for a larger part of the student community. Technology has influenced creativity as students have been allowed to choose their homework tool. This is an opportunity that makes them more motivated and creative. Interestingly, most students complete their homework because they have control over what tool they use. They learn better because they have a choice and they can be heard.

A student who struggles with successfully completing their homework and turning in their homework can do it with ease. The traditional method has seen all forms of excuses come with it like I was not in class the particular day, I forgot my homework, I lost it, and I forgot to do it and many others. However, sometimes the excuses are genuine, but the end result was the homework was never submitted meaning that they were not inspired or motivated to complete it. In a student’s life, there are a lot of things that need to be accomplished and they had to use sticky notes to remind them of this and that. Technological tools have turned all this around and made it easy for students to effectively complete their homework on time.

Technology in the classroom for homework

  1. Online learning systems

They are several online learning systems which teachers use because they are easy to use and convenient. Google classroom, Edmodo and Moodle are some of the technological tools used by teachers for homework. Teachers have moved from writing homework on the board to posting it digitally for all students to access whenever they want, even students who were absent during the lesson. Students with disabilities have the option of being assigned their own special homework. The online learning systems do not focus on paperwork, but both the students and their teachers spend more time focusing on learning. Google classroom is very technical when it comes to student collaboration and classroom management. Teachers create and post announcements and assign homework for the students. This records data and students easily share their work electronically. Students can work in groups or they can connect with others beyond their class. It easily tracks down the submission of assignments which relieves the teacher of stress because assignment can be sent anytime and students do not have to chase them to submit the assignments.

  1. Google write and read

This is an extension of Google Chrome that is easy for students to accomplish their homework. It helps students improve their writing and reading skills because their homework document is read to them. A student creates notes and listens to them, they have access to the meaning of words and phrases clearly explained using pictures or texts. The ability of the students to listen to their homework being read out to them help them correct mistakes easily and write more creatively.

  1. Educreations

This is a whiteboard where teachers record tutorials with text, videos, and pictures that students can access from any point. Lessons and homework are clearly narrated and it is more fun and enjoyable for students. Students watch it other than have to watch a boring video. This is a great app that teachers can use to replicate the whiteboard.

  1. Popplet

This is a very resourceful tool when it comes to math. The tool is used to capture and clearly organize ideas, making them visual. This makes mathematics enjoyable because of the visual concept. Thoughts, images, and facts are brought together with this tool relating them to a mathematical concept. The tool is freely accessible for students via the web. Great for helping students study because their thoughts are well organized.

  1. Setting reminders

This is a powerful homework tool used in the classroom. This is a basic need to set the things to be done on your phone or computer. Set priorities and categorize them and include the location also or any other additional important notes. Sometimes when you need to accomplish an assignment at home set the reminder and during the set day once you get home a reminder pops up. Using the GPS it is easier for your device to recognize when you arrive at the destination. Set reminders way before their deadlines so that you accomplish them on time. Teachers can effectively set a Google calendar date with all student email addresses and on the set d-day, they are invited to access the homework through their calendars. There are many excellent reminder apps which many can relate to.

There are a variety of tools that students can choose from to accomplish their homework. For teachers, these tools have it possible for them to reach out to every one of their students so that they easily access homework from wherever they are. Accounting homework help is no longer limited to, class hours while submission has also seen this extension because students work at their own time and submit the completed work as soon as they are done.