Puzzle games are the most attractive and addictive form of games that seems to capture the attention of people in a while, irrespective of ages. While some puzzle solving games are make for kids there are some with higher level of difficulty and they are suitable for adults. It has been noticed that puzzle games that involve images are more fascinating as there is always a curiosity to see the next image and image games also add that feel good factor that is missing in other games. The psychology is captured correctly by Cazooie that brought First Sight to the market for those game enthusiasts who enjoy playing puzzle game.

First Sight is a picture puzzle with different level of difficulties. There would be blocks on the screen and pictures behind them. The game is a multiplayer one and each player need to guess the picture correctly based on the visual clues. The player who would be able to guess the picture first will be declared as winner. This is a turn based game and every player would get one chance at a time. The game is sure to improve your guessing power, vocabulary and spelling. If you are a parent and don’t want your kids to waste time while playing, just allow them to play the game available in the iTunes store because it would actually sharpen their brain and keep the enjoyment of playing games at the same time.


  • First sight, version 1.1, is a game downloadable through iTunes and this app is suitable for both iPhone and iPad.
  • The game is a multiplayer game that requires internet access for getting new pictures uploaded by the users from time to time. This means, you will never be out of new puzzles and the game would stay ever new.
  • You can be a winner if you can win the first four rounds in the multiplayer game.
  • You can share your picture for the puzzle as well.
  • It is possible to get help from friends through Facebook, Twitter and through emails.
  • The game has six levels of difficulty. The first and second level is easy and simple and they are designed for kids. These levels will show 4X4 and 4X5 rows and columns of boxes. The images would be shapes, animals, household items and all such things that are suitable for children.

  • In order to increase the level you require earning tickets from the previous levels and then move on to the higher levels which includes medium, challenging, hard and extreme.
  • There are cheats available for the game that would be unlocked once you complete some levels.
  • You can unlock new backgrounds and the game would look different.
  • Ads are not displayed in the game.
  • The game requires iOS 4.3 or later and it is available for $0.99. You can buy 12000 tickets for $19.99.

Summary: First Sight is a multiplayer game with loads of functions and action. The ever increasing stock of picture and easy playing system makes it a lucrative game that attracts people from every age group. The game adds value to your life as it induces fun while make you learn several things. It sharpens your brain and thus it is a great game for young children.

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