Some people are branded gamers because of their passion towards video games and games of other type, but some gamers believe there are some sub-dividers separating different kinds of gamers. Some gamers like to plan and play in an organized manner, others like fast paced games, but some are simply in it because of the pure adrenalin and the rage, and this game is for this third kind. is a game whose name may sounds strange at first, but after a few minutes in to the game the name will be stuck inside of your mind for good.
The appeal of this game is not in the visuals. It does not feature a complex story line or a relatable character. This is simply a game about a bird flapping its wings with your push of the button, trying to outmaneuver the scenery.
But, do not let this deceptively simple game play fool you, this game is extremely addictive for a number of reasons.
Reason #1: Multiplayer
The game is played exclusively in multiplayer mode, and the game play is designed to let you see all other players and their progress, at least those players who are close to your position. The birds flown, or rather flapped, by other players appear faded on your screen, while your bird is in full color.
At the beginning there are plenty of birds flapping around, but the real fun starts after you reach farther into the game, and most of the players fail. Then only you and a few other skilled individuals remain. This is when the going gets really tough and the adrenalin begins to rise. Any wrong tip can brind you out of the game.
To make things even more interesting, there is a leaderboard in the top right, constantly displaying scores of the top 5 players on your server.
Reason #2: Controls
The controls are so sensitive and so delicate that this deceptively simple game really does take a lot of skill to master. With a single click or tap your bird will soar for a short distance into the air and then go in to a natural dive. So, by tapping you will keep it in to the air, moving forward, but the gates you are supposed to pass through limit your flight space, both above as from below. If you tap too late you will probably hit the bottom marker. Flap too soon, and you hit the upper one.
Reason #3: Old school graphics
These markers mentioned before are almost identical than those sewer pipes from the game Mario Bros. If you remember those green pipes Mario uses to move around, you will definitely have a throwback when you take a look at this game. More over, even the birds and the background are done in similar old Sega manner, which gives the game a classic look.
Reason #4: Fun
The competitive and the raging aspect of the game is only half of the fun. The birds you control look pretty funny, and your bird will change every few points i.e. gates you pass. Sometimes it will look so funny you won’t even be able to tell if it is a bird or a flying fish.
Conclusion is a very fun way of bringing back old school graphics, addictiveness, and the thrill of the old games, and combining it with the new MMO play style.
The greatest quality this game has is that it doesn’t require any previous gaming experience, no skill at all. Anyone can try it and master it, but reaching a mastery level will be the trick.
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