One critical thing that is taken with great consideration is the privacy of an individual when it comes to online browsing. For instance, some locations used to access internet or Wi-Fi hotspots can pose great threat to safety of one’s secure browsing. Getting a site that is perfectly encrypted to offer a secure internet connection can be something worth going for. This will absolutely give an individual peace of mind while accessing online platform.

Apparently, VPN Shield app which has been designed by Defendemus has proven to be an ideal tool when it comes to providing encrypted and secure internet connection. Say no more to unprotected Wi-Fi spots and get a secure channel that will not only enhance anonymous browsing but also provide trusted connection. Get a chance to try out VPN Shield App Free Trial and get a taste of the real experience!

The Operation of the VPN Shield app

This incredible app has been designed in a manner that it can perfectly sync well with a compatible device to offer trustworthy and safe internet connection. Interestingly, this app comes with a free trial period where the user can experience its functionality. Once the trial period is over, an individual can proceed to make service subscription which vary depending on the period selected. This subscription facilitates establishment of a secure and encrypted channel that joins the VPN Shield app servers with the user’s device. This entire process is facilitated by the Virtual Private Network technology. The user can now get a chance to enjoy great privacy, secure internet connection and browsing anonymously.


Compatible Devices for the VPN Shield app

The features that have been integrated when designing this great app are of exceptionally high quality. This clearly implies that the user will need to possess a strong device that will be perfectly compatible with the app. Some of these devices include iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. Meanwhile, iOS 8.0 or any latest version will highly boost the overall performance of the app.

There are quite a number of notable features that one will come across while using the VPN Shield app. They include the following:

Ability to use multiple devices after subscription

After making a purchase to a single subscription, VPN Shield app allows perfect integration of its features on shared devices. These may include Laptop, Smartphone, Desktop and even tablet. Thus this clearly implies that such services can be enjoyed by the user from any convenient location.

Great coverage to boost connectivity

Apparently, VPN Shield app contains different servers that have been widely spread in different countries (over 10 countries). This is meant to ensure that the users can enjoy efficient and faster browsing with much ease. Besides, the presence of multiple servers also ensures that the connection created is strong enough to meet the required expectations.


No limitation on data traffic and speed

With this amazing feature, the user should expect to have unstoppable experience when enjoying online services. Actually, with no limitation for the bandwidth and speed, this allows one to browse different websites, watch movies, and even access various apps without any restriction. Interestingly, the entire online activities performed will be super fast and absolutely efficient!

Enjoy anonymous browsing on the internet

VPN Shield app has taken into account to ensure that the user’s privacy is highly protected. By supporting anonymous browsing, this clearly implies that there will be no track of record found once the user has finished browsing. This is in relation to used apps, browser search history and opened pages of different websites. The user is completely covered using Secured and Encrypted (ASE) connection.

Server Access Guarantee in real-time

With an efficient and responsive team of committed staff, VPN Shield app servers are constantly monitored. This is to ensure that they are well functioning and accessible to as many geographical locations as possible. Any update in relation to the privacy and security of the users is taken with great consideration and proper notification issued. Besides, the friendly customer support team is fully committed to respond to any queries issued by the users.

Connect VPN automatically in unsecure networks

Apparently, the VPN Shield app comes with an option where the user can activate settings that allow the VPN connection to automatically switch on. This is especially in areas where there may be other unsafe network connections. Each time the device detects unsafe connection, it will automatically switch to the safe VPN connection.

Adjust locations and new IP address easily

The interesting thing about VPN Shield app is its ability to allow its users to make changes to different IP address and locations. This implies that such users can get a chance to browse on different websites that may be abroad thus creating a kind of virtual environment. For those individuals who are abroad, they can actually enjoy local services and even access to popular websites located at home.

Some of the subscriptions that come with varied payment options include for period of 1 week ($1.99), 1 month ($4.99), 3 months ($9.99), 1 year ($29.99) and 3 years ($59.99). All of them come with unlimited traffic and the bandwidth.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons that are evident in the VPN Shield app:


· No limitation to speed and traffic boost efficient browsing

· Great privacy through anonymous browsing

· The internet connection is fast; great connection

· Perfect for any network; Wi-Fi, 2G, LTE and 3G

· One subscription allows integration of multiple devices


· Infrequent performance due to bugs

· Decreased speed for those far from server countries


Security and privacy of online browsing is paramount in this current modern society. Thus there is great need to adopt a tool that can comfortably provide that necessity. VPN Shield app has come to offer the utmost solution by integrating essential features that not only boost privacy but also makes the entire experience fun and exciting. Currently, it can be downloaded for free from App Store. For more upgraded features users can opt for different subscriptions available. Get it today.

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