The future has been intriguing man for time immemorial. Every person is eager to know what lies in hold for him in his future. There are many ways that man has invented to read and predict one’s future but none as accurate as Face Reading Booth, an iOS app. You must have heard that one’s future lies in his own hands. However, the developers of this app think otherwise. They believe that one’s future is inscribed on one’s face and can be read from there. This app reads one’s future from his face.

This app has many amazing features that make it so unique. It has automatic face recognition, that is, this crystal ball is capable of recognizing your face. As one’s face might change over time, this app analyzes your face at present from a current photo instead of an old and outdated one. The basic working of the app is based on dividing your face in to eight parts- chin, eyes, shape, nose, cheeks, forehead, mouth, eyebrows. It analyzes each part separately and also combines different components to analyze your face from every angle. Thus, a detailed destiny with a revelation of your secrets is prepared for you.

Using this app is very simple and easy too. You just have to face the crystal ball, and then show your face, while following instructions closely. The crystal ball will automatically sense your destiny from the features of your face by listening to the eight parts of it and uncovering the secrets they hold. You can also check your score in terms of luck about occupation, love, health, money and also avail of an overall rating. And to add to all of this, you can easily share your fortune with those close to you through email and Facebook.

While using this app, there are a few points that you have to keep in mind. To get the most accurate results, avoid opening your mouth or closing your eyes. Make sure that you are the only person in the camera else this app will be unable to unveil your destiny for you. There are some adjustments needed to be made with regards to the distance between your iOS device and your face as per the instructions given to you. Once you follow these, your future can be told quite accurately.

This app provides you with hundreds of readings of all kinds, There are many modes for reading your face, including ‘repeat’, ‘serious’, ‘random’, etc. You can also save another person’s  reading for future reference. There are amazing graphics to enhance and optimize the retina display. Using and following this app is very easy and almost anyone can use it in no time. And the predictions are all eerily accurate and right.

The Face Reading Booth app is compatible to all your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch having 1OS version 4.0 or greater. Plus, it is available in ten different languages that allow the people all across the world. This app predicts your future do accurately that you will be left dumbfounded and astonished in every way.

Good: Face recognition and real time techniques

Bad: Quite a few adjustments are needed to be made before clicking a photo.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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