With a heap of new apps for your most beloved gadget iPhone or iPad coming out every week, it can be really very difficult to disperse the wheat from the chaff. Everyone will believe with the fact that the App Store is like a digital sweet shop where brightly colored treats known as apps are lined up on shelves that often promises to transform your Apple gadget into a powerful source. With a constantly updated stream of apps, free and paid both are on offer, deciding whether it is worth to hold a place in your device can be a bit overwhelming. Thus, to simplify this work, here is the review of Dynamite iPhone app.


Dynamite App allows you to watch and record videos almost on all topics with fun and interesting face mask. With this you can share all your stories without any fear, no matter whether they are personal, uncomfortable or just damn comical, you can record short videos of 42 seconds with or without face masks or audio filters to veil yourself.

• Concept and Functionality

Dynamite App developed by Dynamite Labs, Inc. is essentially like a novelty application, as its main functionality something like this- the user is all set to pose any video without any fear of keeping your face as a real identity hidden to the world. If you have a story and you want to share it publicly, anonymously, or just with friends, Dynamite was specifically created to support a new generation of voices and storytellers.


Not only face masks but also audio filters will also help you to share your videos on social media accounts and make it viral. Dynamite app is designed with an aim to support pro-social movements and inspire people to share their unique and exclusive experiences to the friends or public while dealing with complex issues. Dynamite videos that are sparking change for young adults or teenagers you can easily share your all experiences having been bullied, a victim of racism or otherwise disfranchised, Dynamite can be the most fruitful app for you today. It is efficient, it is unbelievably fun and its social- in a nutshell, Dynamite app is really dynamite in nature.

• Design and Interface

Dynamite app works perfectly well on both the iPhone and the iPad. The interface is wonderfully well-designed and we had no problems navigating all its features. The face masks and audio filters are absolutely great to utilize and share our videos on all social platforms.

Watch and record videos of 42 seconds about any topic with the perfect face mask and audio filter. With this we can share effortlessly to acquire pitch-perfect results.

Final Words:
Dynamite App developed by Dynamite Labs, Inc is a great little app that lets you add face masks and audio filters to your videos. The app will require 37.8MB and it is worth downloading on your iOS device. If you are looking for a new way to share your videos socially while hiding your real identity, you must give this one a try.

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