Bowling Paradise 3 is a fun app for both iPhone and one that really helps to kill some time. It’s entertaining for both bowling enthusiasts and for those just looking for a fun arcade game. Bowling Paradise 3 is the third game in the series and has made some significant improvements on previous versions to give a great playing experience.

The game’s graphics are pretty basic and have a real arcade feel, but this isn’t without its benefits. The relatively small file size means it won’t take up much space on your device, and that there are a variety of different bowling alleys for you to play on. For example, you could choose a beach theme with Paradise Beach, or if you’re in a quieter mood you may opt for the Camping theme. In addition, you can choose from a collection of balls to throw with, and pick a style and design which is perfect for you, while you even have the opportunity to modify the design of the bowling pins.


In short, Bowling Paradise 3 is extremely flexible and you can tailor it to suit you. There are unique special effects on each scene. There are also a variety of game modes on Bowling Paradise 3 to keep you busy. You can either play against the computer, or if you have friends around you can play multiplayer. This is great for keeping the kids occupied on long car journeys. If you are against the computer, you can look to hone your skills, and there are three levels of difficulty to always give you an appropriate test. After some practice, it’s possible to throw strikes regularly.


Bowling Paradise 3 is surprisingly realistic, and uses real physics to help create an experience which is just like going to the bowling alley in person. There are two different ways to throw the bowling ball: you can either tilt the device or swipe across the screen. The angle at which you swipe or tilt will determine the direction that the ball travels in. The technique is fairly simple and is one that makes the game easy to play but difficult to master – which is good because you don’t get bored of it easily, like you can with many mobile apps.

After playing the game, it became apparent that the experience was far better than many other bowling games on the market. Throwing the ball is easy, but it still takes a while to perfect your action. This means that you aren’t throwing strikes every time, but neither does the ball regularly end up in the gutter. In terms of the scorin, Bowling Paradise 3 replicates a real life game quite well, and should ensure close games with the computer and your family and friends.

Overall, for a free game, Bowling Paradise 3 is a good download and one that everyone will find enjoyable. It can be occasionally glitchy and isn’t a like-for-like replacement for actual bowling, but the game’s mechanics are good, allowing for good competition between family and friends. This is well worth having on your iPhone.

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