A few years ago, people who were in photo business used Photoshop technique to improve the client photos. But with technology today, each person with an Android phone can snap that funny picture. Using the Photocon downloaded in the Android phone, around with the app and improves those pictures.

Using the app

Photocon is an easy to use app. You take your photo first and after that, you swipe on the screen using your fingers to draw a line. This line divides the screen so that you get space to take the second photo. Once this is finished, your photos are connected or combined. In addition, you can now adjust these pictures. This is a good way to avoid wasting time retaking photos that have not come out well.

The magic in Photocon

If you love to take photos in your Smartphone, the Photocon editing app is something you never want to miss. This app is developed to allow users connect two or more funny photos, by simply tapping on the screen. With this app, a user can connect, make and combine photos with few clicks. This saves you the many minutes needed trying to mix and edit the photos.


Simple interface

Some users want to take many photos, but it becomes a hard task trying to edit them. The Photocon app is designed with a simple interface, making the operation easier.

There are several buttons that show when you open the Photocon icon on your phone. The dotted red line runs down in the middle of the phone screen. There are several preferences for one to choose and this can be done by clicking the setting button. These buttons allow you to change the shot, color effects, the white balance, scene and resolutions. These settings are aimed to help you create a unique photo.


Selfie button

An added feature in Photocon app is the Selfie camera. On each side of the phone screen, there is a camera snap button. It is also designed with a reverse screen button, specifically for taking the best selfies

Red dotted line

When you open the app, you notice a dotted red line running down the screen. It is easy to operate by sliding the finger. This allows you to change the picture shape before you merge. With a simple click, you will have two pictures combined into one. The free red dotted line allows you free drawing, allowing the user take vertical or horizontal photos.


Easy upload options

The Photocon app is a cheap version of photo editing tool. It will give the best solution for combining your pictures with simple clicks. You can upload the edited and combined photos on your Facebook page.

Photoshooting modes

The Photocon integrates different camera photo shooting modes such as the night and daylight mode. The automatic modes allow you to snap those beautiful and clear photos in your Smartphone

Safe Download

The Photocon app is a free download tool. It does not install other add-on that might interfere with your phone.


Photocon is a free app. However, your phone needs to have the Android version 4.0 to enjoy the app.

Worth Having App – Download the App