In this fast moving world you can come across many adroit applications. This potent iphone application is one among that. In general are you just a magnet for bad and evil boys? Then with this cogent iphone application you have every chance to try them all, and more professionally, with no real commitment and certainly no adverse effects. In quick succession from the expedient creators of the Hit iPhone game “My Virtual Girlfriend“ establishes the highly anticipated, most globally requested, and adroit addition to the app store My virtual Boyfriend assuage many global users.

With this potent iphone application one can refer to a dating simulation game like no other. It is professionally rendered in full 3D and packed with humor. In this discreet iphone application you have comedic male stereotypes which are some of the most interesting 3D characters ever grace an iOS device. More over it is regarded as the only date SIM which can boast 100’s of men to select from, fully customizable, and each with his potent unique personality.

In this My virtual boyfriend app you have many features which are said to be beneficial. Some of the useful features are 20 levels of progressive game play, 100’s of men, each with own expressive personality and appearance, apt customize physical features and clothing, you can Interact with then via gestures, actions, activities and by touch, possible to come across over 100 actions and activities you can do together, cogent personalities that mirror typical and often funny, male behaviors, have apt thousands of lines of clever and funny dialog keeping  it entertaining, valuable facility of 3D graphics and camera control for 360 degrees of viewing, and eventually there is possible to earn achievements and rewards.

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Best App ever love the game, so much fun just, came out the 15th of august and on sale buy it. – Review by Soccer1234 on itunes store.

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