Though we’re used to using our phone number in every possible way, we underestimate the risks involved at many such instances. Our private number is almost public because almost every second person that is “somehow” connected to us has it. Whether it’s your car mechanic, your business clients, your cook or the person who comes to clean your water filter every six months, all of them have a common denominator; your phone number. You don’t realize how risky it is until and unless one day you get a call from an unknown number promoting his brand of water filter or asking you to sign up for the latest “free test drive” of a recently launched car. You act perplexed for a moment and then you figure out how your number got leaked in the market. So before you get that “wake-up call”, it’s better to get over your lackadaisical attitude and take some action.


You actually don’t have to do anything but download this app called DialMask and forget whatever I told you before. But you want to know what this app does, right? So let’s check it out!

DialMask is actually a market where you can buy private number(s) for yourself. These numbers have an added layer of protection against the security measures that are usually employed. It makes sure that nobody gets your mobile number without your permission. This number you can use in addition to your personal number (i.e. your mobile phone number) and therefore if you run a business or you’re a part of an organization and you want to keep all different spheres of your life separate from each other, this app can prove a great deal for you.


How does it work? These private numbers are based on a use-and-throw model. It doesn’t mean that you can use these numbers only once, but you can delete them or add new numbers without any protocol. So you don’t have to fill up any document or submit your personal information before getting a new number; you just have to register your phone number and that’s it. As I’ve already told you, you get as many private numbers as you want. They all will be managed by the same app. The interface is user-friendly, neatly designed and with a password-protected login, you can sleep intently without any risk of losing your numbers to an unknown.


When you sign up for the first time, you get credits worth $2.5. When these dry up, you can recharge your account anytime. Both the local and international calling rates are pretty reasonable. There are no conditions or constraints of having a minimum balance in your account. You can recharge your account whenever you feel a need to and your mobile phone balance would stay intact as it was. Texting service is also available in some countries including US, Canada, Germany, France, Australia and UK.

The app is available in a long list of countries and you can check it out at the app’s iTunes page. Overall, I’d say that if you can secure your personal information with an app, why not use it?

The app is available for free in the App Store.

Pros: user-friendly UI; unlimited private numbers; sign-up bonus; reasonable rates; password-protected login; free.

Cons: none.

I give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having App – Download the App