Christmas is round the corner and you want to do all that can make your loved ones happy. Apart from buying gifts for everyone near and dear to you, you would be sending cute Christmas messages that make them feel happy and loved. However, same old typed messages can be given a rest this season with the emoticon messages, that too, all new panda emoticons. Christmas, Hanukkah & New Year Panda Emoticons & Smileys + Emoji’ by Tiffany D Waddleton is one such app available on iTunes that can make your Christmas messages special and funny. This is a better app, considering the apps that showcase only those old smileys because this includes both smileys and pandas to make you create your own unique combination.


The app removes the limitation of using just one smiley in messages. It rather allows you to use as many as you want. The all you panda emoticons are cute and there are available in different expressions to imply different moods of yours. As this is a Christmas special app, it has several smileys in the Christmas attire. The user friendly app is available on iTunes and promises to give a new touch to your Christmas celebration. You can enable the app on your iPhone from the setting. Choose general and then keyboard and you will find ‘add new keyboard’ option where you can choose Emoji. You are ready to use the app, but don’t forget to check out the features.




  • Christmas, Hanukkah & New Year Panda Emoticons & Smileys + Emoji include hundreds of emojis and they are designed keeping the festival season in mind.
  • The app loading screen shares some secrets with you that may have been unknown.
  • You can use more than one emoticons or emoji in the massage. Use text along with the emoji to make your message spell and look interesting.
  • You can share the message through MMS, email and social media.
  • The message you create is not limited for the iPhone users; you can send them to people who do not use an iPhone.
  • The interface is kept quite simple and the buttons are limited to make the app usable for all.


  • The graphics of the emoji app is quite engaging and looks great.
  • You can access the emoji keyword using the button located at left hand side, lower corner of the keyboard.
  • The panda emoticon app is compatible to iPhone 4, 5 and 4S and iPod 3rd, 4th and 5th generation. You can also use it on iPad 2 and 3.
  • The app version 1.0 is available for free.
  • It requires iOS 5.0 for keyboard use and 4.3 for panda emoticons. It takes around 6.6 MB space on your device.


Summary: ‘Christmas, Hanukkah & New Year Panda Emoticons & Smileys + Emoji’ by Tiffany D Waddleton is a fun app that adds utility to your device. You can use more than one emoji and smiley in your message. There is an in app purchase that allows you to add an entire range of non-holiday Panda Emoticons, thereby allowing you to use the app at anytime of the year.

Good: The app is currently available for free and the keyword enabled option is quite useful.

Bad: Not much defect; however, the app is not usable in iPad 1.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download the App Here