The Golive Games Studios AG has launched a new game for the iPhone, iPad, etc. it is indeed an escape from a shadow space by destroying the demons on the way. The player plays as Neel/Laal, who is a shadow demon hunter with his magic bow.

What happens in the Game?

The games progresses as you try to kill a demon with highest ranking. If you fail to do so, the way to the outside world is blocked and you have to run along the shadow world to escape. As you move along this shadow world, many demons will try to kill you on the way. Avoiding them on the ways is the best way to escape but the main demon will always move forward to you. All you can do is swipe to different directions and mislead him to another path so that you can buy more time.

This game will test over planning and strategy making to plan finding a path which is the safest to move out. Another important move you should always keeping mind is to collect the bows when you go along. This will help you destroy your enemies in the path. You need not stand and shoot the arrows here. All you have to do is run towards the evil shade and the arrow which is collected will fie to the demon within the range.

You could be Neel or Laal where both are good shadow hunters. When you move along, you would feel as though you are in the series of Supernatural where 2 demon hunters move forward in their life by destroying each as they go through the path of life. They face new challenges and through skill they know what to do to destroy a particular demon and escape.

Tips to Remember

As you play the game, there are few tips to remember so that you do not lose your life in the play.

· Run for your life. You need to run fast and make you consecutive moves faster and faster to get out of demon filled shadow world.

· Use your magic bow whenever necessary. If you could out run the demons, save your arrows for great danger.

· Swipe up, down and side ways to mislead the great demon buying you more time.

· See that you are upgrading your quiver and arrows so that you get special abilities of a shadow hunter.

· Kill and kill as much as you can for survival.

The Feel of game

For those who love to be an action hero, this is one good game to play. It’s very exciting and can pin you to your phone for hours as to try to slaughter the demons. You become more and more skilled in it. The look the main Demon is horrific and as you mislead its direction you have a sense of relief each time. Hunting with a bow and quiver makes it even more interesting.

Other than the system of the game and the visualization, the game allows to use your brain in several ways. It helps you to build a plan when you are under pressure. Sometimes the demons can come from different directions and you have only few arrows. You will need to strategize then and fast. Overall it’s good to play when you have some time to kill.

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