Nowadays, people are moving towards the ready made foods because of their busy life schedule. But, do they know how much are they healthy and nutritious? Well, they have some nutritional value but not as much as the home made food. A food prepared with fresh ingredients is much better than the food prepared using the preservatives. The junk food you buy from a restaurant is not 100% hygienic and healthy. It just gives you a taste but can’t fulfil your body requirement. Moreover, eating homemade food is cheaper than eating at a restaurant or buying processed foods from the market. So if you’re a busy person and can’t prepare food on your own then how can you get home made food easily?

Don’t worry when the Chachi’s Homemade Food USA is here! Developed by Amr IT Inc., it’s a great app to stop your hunger by providing food and beverages! If you’re living in USA, then you can’t remain hungry because, it’s the only app that has more than 5000 home cooks and private chefs nationwide. You can eat homemade food anywhere by just connecting with the local chefs in your neighborhood and place your request for the meals, make unique dish requests or hire a personal cook to prepare meals in your kitchen. Moreover, it’s a great help for those who want to earn as well as help other foodies by serving food for them.

If you are looking for homemade foods, then you can simply search for chefs or dishes available in your area. If you liked something, then contact the chef for more details and ordering food. Then get detailed info about the chefs available for arrangements.

On the other hand, if you love to cook for yourself and for others, then create your chef profile. Then offer your favorite dishes and help others around you. You can control the settings and deliver the food the way you want.

You can provide food delivery or cooking services to your customers. You can post your meal plans for the day with their pictures, serving size, price and anything else regarding the dish. If you’re unable to plan your meals, then use the meal planner. If the foodies are interested then they can contact you to work out any remaining details. In this way, you can show your talent and culinary skills and can take pride in your growing fan base.
️With this app, your data is totally secure as they don’t share your exact location with other users.

The app is recommended for Android phones and tablets having the latest OS. The app is totally available for free and without ads on the app store. All in all it’s a marginal effort for you but helps the food seekers save using shared economies.

So use this app if you’re looking for homemade food, share your own dishes or provide cooking services!

Pros: provides homemade food and beverages; opportunity for the cooking lovers; hygienic food; good service; unique dishes; easy to use; safe and secure; no ads; free to use. 

Start finding homemade food or share your own. It’s that easy!

Cons: not available in India.

I will give this app 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having App – Download the App