If you are a religious person and like bragging about and testing your knowledge of the books, then you sure have to try out the Android app Bible Book Order!. This app tests how well you know your stuff by giving you the names of two books and checking if you can tell which of the came first in terms of time.


The gameplay of this app is interesting and fun. The images of two books from the Bible are seen on your screen. You have to select which of them occurs first in the holy Bible simply by choosing the button underneath it. In each of the many rounds, you have to get a minimum of 10 correct answers or matches to clear it. As you move on to higher levels, the time you get to get 10 right matches progressively decreases and the choice between books gets harder and harder.


With the combination of decreasing time and increasing difficulty levels of the game with each round, it is quite a challenge to make it to the higher rounds. This app ensures that you thoroughly know the order of the books in the Bible and know them well too.

This app stores high scores locally and globally so that you can compare yourself with competitors to know where you stand. It needs access to the internet to be able to maintain the high scores. No additional information besides the Scoreloop profile and ID are used or accessed by this app.  No phone calls are accessed at all.


Also, if you are a beginner, then you can go for the Easy difficulty level and then move on to the Medium and Hard ones. Or you can simple jump to the Hard level if you really want to you’re your Bible Book Order abilities. There is an automatic feature to check if your internet access is available, which switches on or disables online features based on this.

The user interface has been kept simple with only few necessary buttons to avoid clutter. The blue background with the cross sets in a calm and holy atmosphere. It has been kept simple so that one can focus on testing oneself and challenge oneself continually. There have been complaints of the text disappearing on the screen if a wrong answer is given in some devices but there have been no fixes for that as yet.

Bible Book Order! is a free app that has been kept easy, fun and simple. However, this simplicity can be turning down after a point of time. This app could maybe do better with a bit more features and variations and some complexity. The current features could be improved and extended to add more to the app too.


This app is for those who know the scriptures well and wish to test their knowledge of it by testing themselves. The questions are of a good macabre, especially the ones in the ‘hard’ level. They are truly hard and get you thinking and racking your brains.

Good: Questions are challenging

Bad: Very few features and compliant of text disappearing from screen on giving wrong answers on some tablets

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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