Nothing is more captivating and fascinating than taking a momentous stare at a well-crafted piece of art. It brings to question the idea behind the drawing and the mastery that has been exhibited perfectly in an imaginative way. Anyone interested in such pictures and drawing would absolutely want to fill connected to them. Now, an amazing opportunity presents itself with the uniquely designed Colory app. Actually, users can now have a fantastic relaxing moment trying out their skills in art and coloring.

Apparently, this app has been designed mainly to help eliminate fear and anxiety by helping individuals to stay relaxed and ‘de-stressed’ while exploring different creative potentials. Besides, the app comes with amazing background music; users can always enjoy each moment as they perform their art therapy. With a current 4+ rating, Colory app has been acclaimed due to its many coloring pages, quick access to paintbrush option and its delightful and soothing experience. Truly, it is time to enter into a wonderful world of coloring and become a pro!

How The Coloring App Operates

It all starts by getting the best concentration in order to come up with a perfect piece of art. At first, when it comes to coloring, being in a relaxed state helps an individual to give the best in terms of accuracy and quality. Colory app has been designed with an amazing platform that displays different paintbrush options. This is meant to make the coloring process easier and quick. There is a wide selecting of different pictures uniquely designed in order to give you amazing unstoppable experience. Thus, one can apply colors, lines, symbols, sharps and even curves to make the coloring super awesome.

Additionally, this app introduces the user to a unique adventure of exploring adventurous creativity. This includes applying coloring to creative art potentials like Animals, Florals, Ocean, Geometric, Sugar Skull, Fashion, Fish, Mandala, Garden, Holiday Symbol, Owl, Bird, Ocean and much more. With Colory app, a great chance presents itself for amazing coloring journey!

Compatible Devices for Colory app

To efficiently use this app, the user will be required to possess a compatible device that can support its operations. Due to the quality formation and display applied in the app, it currently works well on devices such as iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Meanwhile, iOS 8.0 or any new version is required in relation to its operating system.

Below are the amazing features that are found in this Colory app:

Numerous coloring pages

Apparently, there are more than 150 coloring pages that one can use them when coloring. This offers an amazing opportunity for coloring lovers to exercise their skills to the fullest. The pages come with different tasks and coloring that the user is required to perform. With such diverse options, an individual will always have a ground for improving and ultimately becoming a pro. Besides, there are still more pages to come in the imminent updated versions. Stay tuned! Additionally, the app offers the option of printing such 150+ pages using high resolution. Such printing can be made in PDF format and even get colored well on paper!

Tap and drag to move paintbrush

Interestingly, the options that have been provided for coloring are quite user-friendly. As a user, one only needs to tap in order to make a painting. Besides, for the paintbrush options, it will only be a matter of dragging and moving them. By using the option of brush mode, an individual can efficiently color multiple blanks; this makes the entire coloring pretty fast and saves on time!

Apply fantastic palettes for better coloring

Getting the best coloring is determined by the type and quality of palettes that one is bound to apply. Colory app has taken such a consideration high quality palettes which nearly resemble real pencils, water colors (Crayola) and crayons. Besides, some of the features that can be applied on the coloring include borders, texture and stylish lines.They are meant to ensure that the color is absolutely classic and ultimately well-displayed.

Unique creative patterns for coloring.

To ensure that the entire coloring period is lively and unique, Colory app introduces to the user a series of different coloring patterns worth trying. These patterns include Mandalas, Holiday Symbol, Start Coloring, Garden, Geometric, Sugar Skull, Ocean, Animals, Tattoos and many others. With the use of effective coloring tools, one can artistically apply amazing coloring and come up with fine piece of art. This is a chance that is absolutely worth trying!

Share with friends and post to the community

Colory app offers its users a chance to share different coloring with close friends and family members. Some of the social media platforms that has been supported include Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Facebook. Users can also use their emails to share such experiences. Besides, Colory app has a community where its users can post different artwork as a source of inspiration to others.


The subscription option allows an individual to access more updates in form of palettes, contents, lines and frame. The subscription fee is $2.99 on weekly basis, $7.99 per month and $39.99 annually.

New Features? 

Under the latest version 1.9, users can now enjoy new iMessage stickers to boost their online chatting and spice up conversation. Some of them include New Fantasy Volume V for Prime, New Tattoo Volume IV for Prime, New Food Volume III for Prime, Skin Tones, Two palettes and Colorable stickers meant for iMessage and much more!

Here are the Pros and Cons that are evidenced in this app:


l Easy-to-use control features

l Well-designed texture and boarders

l Lots of coloring pages to use

l Unique selection of pictures to color

l Overall display is super awesome


l Mild bug problem

l Infrequent leading to performance slowdown

Final Verdict

Sometimes, coloring can be quite challenging if one does not have the necessary elements to boost the operations. The coloring lovers need not to hassle anymore. The Colory app has brought a unique experience where such users can utilize and maximize different color palettes in coloring. This can ultimately help them create and even print high-resolution coloring. Besides, this tool can highly relieve anxiety and instill great confidence through painting. It is truly a must-have for coloring lovers. Get it today for absolutely free on the App Store and get started!

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