After 45 years of release of the first film ‘GODFATHER’ , we take ourselves as a free to play strategy game that is based on The movie. it is one of the most decorated movies of its time. The movie Godfather have been adapted to action games for PCs before. This version of godfather game is made for small screen devices . It is Developed by the the category of game belongs to strategy. it is available as a free download in iOS.The game is beautifully designed and has been well optimised for apple devices with compatible specifications. The game takes up only 288MB of storage space after installation. The game will require active connection to wifi or internet to run. The visuals of the game have been taken entirely from The movie godfather. The locations of game include New York city along with small details like classic cars and dresses have been replicated beautifully as that of the movie scenes.

The game gives the player a quick start of various actions with a tutorial like most of the games. The game play time is little long and it feels bored after sometime.The only satisfaction here is the use of recapping many comic strip scenes on a single page and it saves a lot of time. A gamers primary aim is to help godfather Vito with his plans to expand the empire by building up new business centers and clearing out enemy groups. To take out the rivals the players needs expand his gang by taking in hechmens and provide the necessary training .These henchmen are then armed with the guns and knives. Detailed related to the abilities of henchmen are show in the game which will come handy while fight preparation against rival gangs.As the game progressed i noticed that the action sequences were poorly implemented. The automated clash between henchmen and its result will entirely depend on how good our men are equipped.

The player has to spend money to upgrade building, business centers and the henchmen.There’s a timer In the game that you will need to wait to refill, but there’s always a option to use a speed-up and power up that improve the process. You can always fasten up things using real money to pay. The in-app purchases ranges between $4.99 to $19.99. The building upgrade not only enhances your reputation but also gives better returns in the form of game currency.


1. characters remains the same as movie

2. good visual themes that of the movie

3. form alliances: join together to become stronger with other players


1. weak story

2. have to wait long due to timers


Though it is a strategy game, Godfather does not really challenge you like the other top strategy games. After long time of playing it makes a bit boring. Though it looks good, it doesn’t change very much other than the essence of being a part of a game based on the Godfather movies. If you are a die hard fan of the Godfather movies i suggest you give it a shot. There is no deal breakers as of the game,but for normal players it seem to be a same old strategy type.

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