Upon initial download of the Colony FM App I was pleased with the overall feel and look of the app. I also liked that it can be used on Apple Watch. There are a great many times during the day I would like to better up on the news or current events this app lets me do that at my leisure as well as enjoy different narratives by different people. I can bring this app with me anywhere I take my phone and as on the go as I am, I appreciate that. The overall feel of this app is easy to use and navigate. Not overly simplistic in nature but well developed to ensure you don’t fumble around aimlessly. I like that I can tweet my reactions and thoughts directly from this app as well. I was surprised at the number of available items to listen too.


I enjoy the numerous varieties of article genres I can choose from and the narrator’s voices are pleasant and not irritating, they seem to effortlessly be able to narrate the article. I have even found myself listening to articles outside my usual reading scope and find it much more engaging to listen to than if I had to independently read them. I also like that I can l give my feedback to each article I read by simply selecting the heart shaped icon to identify that I liked the article. The pleasant voiceovers are just the right touch to add personalization to the articles and I appreciate the value that adds. I also like that I can play, replay and fast forward my selections to replay a part I might have missed due to distraction or to relive something I really enjoyed.


The articles can be read as well, as it is not only a voice based app. I find this enjoyable as there are times I prefer to read along for a time being before I fully allow a ready to take over and carry the weight of the article solely. The varieties of articles are generally not the usual articles that you would encounter in the newspaper. The oddities of these articles are amusing and genuine; you are not going to encounter most of these articles anywhere else. There are articles of concrete value but there are also commentaries for enjoyment only. For example, there are articles that are purely for a laugh and lighthearted arrangement. Most articles are comical n nature and refreshing way to hear interpretation of news. I did find several posts from Huffingtonpost.com however there are a lot of other sources I had not heard of yet.


Overall I found the app interesting and enjoyable, easy to use and to navigate. This app can be enjoyable to many in different settings, whether long term or short, on the go or stationary. Individuals that discover this app will be ever ready to tap back into the options they can listen to. Hours of enjoyment await.

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