iPhone games are becoming very popular among youngster, especially among kids. Creating iphone games for kids  is really a challenging taks for game developers. We can not guess that what kind of games will attract kids, meanwhile that game should be helpful to them without affect them in any cause.

Here I would like to review an iphone game, Bewilder Animals – Puzzle game. It suits for school going kids to increase their concentration power and to improve IQ level. Bewilder puzzle game has been developed by Hill Stone Animation Studios, a popular game developers. They have created this game for kids to increase their memory power.

As per bewilder animals game play, it has 101 different kinds of animal images which means the game has 101 levels. In each level, a animal figure will be shown in a puzzled order and a player has to align it in a right form with minimum moves. Definitely it would be little challenging for kids and they love playing to watch different jungle animals.

Same time, after aligning the image, they will get the useful information about the animal like animal’s name, its family, located at, and more. It will be much helpful information for kids. Keep working out this kind of puzzle will increase iQ power of kids and concentration too.

Bewilder game available in another two versions and they are bewilder scientist & bewilder flowers. By playing those version, players can come to know about more flowers and scientist. Cool images adds more value to the game play. Nice sound track. Totally a worth playing game and available on itunes store for 0.99.  you can download it for your iphone, ipad and ipod touch gadgets.

Over all Review –    *  *  *  *

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