Christmas season is on your doors and all of us are waiting to enjoy the exotic feast with our friends and family. New delightful dishes are being prepared and New Year is welcomed in every possible way. But finding new recipes isn’t that much exciting when you know that you’re going to end up empty handed. Moreover, following those expert chefs on your TV screens doesn’t seem to be a good idea as well when most of the times either you don’t have the ingredients they use or they are so fast to be followed exactly. A recipe book seems to be a good solution in this situation but there is a lot of difference in the written work and the actual procedure. So, while no solution is seen to be near to you, you have one.


Cook Happy- Recipe Videos is the new iOS app that has been developed by Demand Media. The app is compatible with iPad only and requires iOS 6.0 or later version. Now, that we have remedied out almost every possibility, only one solution is seen to fit the required criteria and that is recipes + videos and this is exactly what the app follows.


Cook Happy- Recipe Videos is a collection of cooking videos designed and illustrated by expert chefs. You can select any video and enjoy never before experience. The videos are ad free so that you are not distracted away by anything. While watching a video, with a single tap you can also see the recipe and ingredients of that particular recipe. This way you have the entire package in front of your eyes.


There are total of 33 recipes out of which 23 are free. You can buy the paid recipes via in-app purchases. All the recipes have been properly sorted out in different categories. The different categories are Easy Weeknight Dinners, Sophisticated Comfort Food, Taco Fiesta, Chic Desserts and more. There is a nice combination of main and side course with many healthy ingredients that are fresh and easily available. You can also mark your favorite recipes and access them easily. All the videos are high quality and the way in which all the videos are being illustrated is just a breeze to follow.

The UI of the app is very beautiful and stimulates your appetite from the moment you sign in to the app. The color combinations are brilliant and from a regular user’s vision, it has all the support to easily navigate in between the different features with appealing graphics. But one department where the app seems to fall short is the social networking. The current status of the app doesn’t allow you to share your recipes with your family/friends via Facebook or email. But don’t worry for that as the developers have already announced that they will be introducing these new features in the next upgrade.


The app is available in the App Store for free. So, just not waste our time in making any more statements and buy this one from the App Store now.

Pros: well illustrated high quality videos; free videos available; recipe and ingredients list available as well; ad-free videos; free.

Cons: social features not available but will be included in the next upgrade.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download Link :   Download the App Here