The ocean and oceanic creatures hold a special fascination for kids and adults alike. It is not uncommon to see people gasping in awe at a shark or an octopus in an aquarium, any more than it is to see people admiring much smaller and more colorful creatures in mini-aquariums at the local pet store on even in their own homes. It is only natural then that some apps and games based on an oceanic or beach theme would find its way to the iPhone and iPads, so that people can enjoy the excitement of being close to the sea, right in the palms of their hands.

Beach Whale is an upcoming 2D action title by Dingle LLC, a US based startup devoted to creating quality games unlike any other. Players assume the character of a whale and swim along beach sides avoiding obstacles, collecting fish, and fighting enemies. The uniqueness of Beach Whale lies in its simplified control system. There is no d-pad or on-screen joystick to use, and the swim direction of the whale is controlled purely by tilting your device to the left and right sides. Since the whale moves only in one direction- forward, this allows you to concentrate on the game itself, than on where your finger is on the d-pad. Tilting the screen to the right causes the whale to swim closer to the beach and tilting it to the left makes it swim further out towards the sea.

Although the premise of the game seems pretty simple, with players collecting and spending fish to unlock more abilities and levels, the game itself is pretty challenging as you move along. Beach Whale has four unique worlds and four different game modes: normal, boss, survival, and super boss, with something new and challenging in every level. Boss fights remind you of old retro style gaming boss fights. Super Boss fights are quite difficult and require players to concentrate on finding that right moment to strike if you want to able to defeat the super boss. As you collect more fish, and level up, you can also unlock new whales, some of which are faster and more aggressive than the default whale that you start off as.

You  will encounter a giant crab, a hungry shark that’s out to get you for dinner, a huge octopus, and a turtle driving a car with chainsaws even. Every level, and every boss is unique, and you need to be at your fighting best to stand any chance of defeating the boss and moving on to the next level. Once you defeat a boss, you are rewarded with a large amount of fish that you can use in the store to purchase new whales or new abilities, as well as to unlock new levels. The higher the difficulty level you defeat a boss at, the higher the reward. The game starts of easy and gets more difficult towards the end. For every boss fight, there exists a hardcore version with a ramped up difficulty.

Graphics wise, the game looks different and unique. As the title suggests, its a 2D retro style water game, and it does not disappoint. Beach Whale 2D can be enjoyed by everyone in the family, and would be released on the App Store on November 26th, priced at $0.99.

What’s Good?

  • Great Boss fights
  • Innovative wave surfing game mechanics.

What could be better?

  • Nothing that come to mind

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *  *

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