If you are an expecting parent, the thought of how a baby can turn your life completely around can seem to be overwhelming and terrifying. Your sleep cycles, timelines and much more is about to change to accommodate this little special one. At the same time, you will want to take care of your little angel in the best possible manner. If you are feeling a sense of panic somewhere deep inside, the iOS app BabyTime – Baby Tracker for Breastfeeding, Nursing, Bottle Feeding, Sleep& Diapers is here to help you.


BabyTime, developed by Enhancient, is an app that will help you keep track of the sleeping and feeding habits of you baby. This includes the frequency of your child eating, the time for which he eats, the side last used while breastfeeding and more. It is also required that you track diaper changes and use adequately. Although it might seem unnecessary, it is essential to keep a tab on these things. As much as you might try to store these details in your brain memory, tiredness and fatigue from keeping track and taking care of your baby will ensure that you fail. With BabyTime, you no longer have to face this issue.


Another important factor in your new-born’s growth is her blessed sleep. It is vital that she sleeps often and for considerable intervals of time. Besides just recording these, BabyTime also helps parents understand the sleep patterns of their baby. This way, it becomes much easier to adapt and adjust your own sleep patterns to sync with hers. The app has a night mode that decreases the contrast of the background so as to be gentle on the eyes of your sleeping child. It is little things like these that make the design of the app unique and special.


The speciality of this app is that it has been created by parents for parents. With their lives being turned around, they realised how hard it was to keep information straight. The developers are busy parents who understand how much effort and time it takes to take care of your baby. They believed that keeping track of their little one’s habits and her ‘firsts; would help in catalysing better growth for her.

The app allows operation with a single hand, keeping in mind that one hand is going to be busy taking care of your baby. Being able to track multiple things from a single screen is what makes this app easy to use. BabyTime – Baby Tracker for Breastfeeding, Nursing, Bottle Feeding, Sleep& Diapers is currently available for $2.99 in the App store and is compatible with all iOS devices having iOS 7.0 or higher.

Good: Memory catalog and one-hand operation

Bad: None

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