Shadow Fight 2, a popular favourite among Android apps, is now available for Windows too. It brings to you a mix of RPG and fighting that will keep you hooked for hours on end. This, combined with the mind blowing martial arts techniques and animations make this game one that is a must-have for all Windows phones.


Developed by NEKKI, the game has a lot of amazing features. The main aim f the game is a fight and a struggle for survival. There are numerous lethal weapons that add spice to the traditional fighting along with the shining rare armor. You can choose your character from a set of characters, each of whom has a set of unique skills in martial arts.

The trademark of Shadow Fight, as the name suggests, lies in the shadows. All figures and characters have been presented in the form of shadows. The characters are in the form of silhouettes. Despite this, the level of detail in the graphics is immense. The movements of the fighters are so fluid and natural that you can feel the fight come alive around you. The graphics and animations have been implemented excellently with a simple concept of shadows.


If you have had fantasies about mastering the martial arts at any point of your life, this app will help you achieve it for sure. Once you begin the game, you will find yourself in the middle of numerous epic combats. The detailing makes the game and the combats seem life like. The game has six different worlds, each rich in evil demons. They include Long Hunt, Hero Reborn, Vengeance, The Greatest Temptation, Trail of Blood and Iron Reign. You have to traverse these worlds and slash each of the demons till they are devastated. You need to complete the previous stage in order to unlock the next stage. In each stage, you will find 5 major demons that you have to combat.


The user interface of the game is highly intuitive and user friendly. It takes a very minimal amount of time to pick up the controls and get used to them. Once you have mastered the controls, there is no stopping or looking back. You need to don your armor, arm yourself with weapons and use a variety of moves like slashing, punching, kicking, jumping and more to crush the enemies that are spread along your path.

The backgrounds of the game are indeed colourful and neatly done. The high quality graphics, combined with the background and shadows, will leave you in awe of the game. With nunchaku, magical powers, epic swords, armor suits and other weapons, you can customize your fighters as well.

It is time to test if you have what it takes to close the Gate of Shadows. Shadow Fight 2 can be downloaded for free from the Windows app store. With its unique concept of combat with shadows and excellent graphics, it is sure worth spending some leisure time upon. Get ready for the ultimate battle.

Good: Different worlds, fights in the shadows, variety of weapons and armor

Bad: It is only compatible with Windows phones that have high quality graphics

Worth Having Application –  Download the App