If you’re the parent of a 3-year-old child or more, you are probably reading this article with your one eye open and the other eye being hit by a pencil or nails by that tiny little monster roaming in your house. Everyone with a baby go through this situation. It’s natural that when kids are not grown up, they do these kind of annoying things and you struggle until they are grown up. Day by day your child becomes smarter, but more demanding too, which increase your level of anger. At the same time you will have many questions in your mind such as: Am I too strict or too lenient? Is my child doing what he should be doing at this age? And you need a guide or something that can help you to make your life as simple as you want.

I have a solution for this. Really, I’m not kidding. I am showing you an app called “Baby’s Brilliant” which will introduce your baby to the world around them in a fun and healthy way.

Baby’s Brilliant has been developed by Benedict Coulter under the Education category. It has been created by a mother of three who knows what it takes to quickly capture children’s attention and keep their interest.

The app is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It requires iOS 7.1 or any later versions of the Operating System.

It doesn’t require any Login, so just download it and start from wherever you want. Whether you want to see movies, videos or listen music, etc. This app offers everything such as: videos, music, books and interactive soundboards, all under one roof. It has an extensive Music library, from classical to religious music and lullabies also. Besides this, it has a huge collection of Night Lights, specially designed and recorded to help your little ones relax and fall asleep. It has been narrated by children, in five languages. So this can also help them to learn other languages also.

Your baby or toddler can learn letters, numbers, animals, colors, shapes and a multitude of educational concepts, in different languages, while being entertained. It’s a great app for babies and toddlers to see the world in an enriching, playful and educational way.

So, Baby’s Brilliant is an awesome app for developing your child and keep them engaged in some activity. This is an all in one app which will attract your baby and help to resolve your issues.

This latest version of Baby’s Brilliant has solved some issues such as: Soundboard download and Login issue. It is an app without any flaws. You can get 24/7 Customer support for any queries.

This app is worth having to download. Get it now and change your struggling life to a simpler one. It’s available for free in the iTunes Store!

PROS: easy to use; entertaining; educational; all in one app; 5 languages; useful for babies and toddlers; free.

CONS: An electronic device is not good for a baby’s health, at such a small age.

I will give this app 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having app – Download the App