If you have an interest in property investing or growing your riches in the real world, Bank Foreclosure Millionaire might just be the perfect game for you! The game teaches you how to flip houses, invest in property and build your wealth in an interactive, fun game! It’s available to download now on Google Play.

Bank Foreclosure Millionaire is one of the few games I’ve played that actually teaches you something valuable. Using a combination of learning resources – from PDFs to video tutorials – you’ll learn the fundamentals and techniques behind every successful house flipper. The game provides you with a fun, interactive environment to test your newly acquired knowledge.

Using what you’ve learned, you’ll master different scenarios and stages as you progress through the game. From wholesaling and buying discounted bank notes to purchasing fire damaged homes and playing landlord, there are lots of different challenges, achievements and awards to keep you playing.

This game isn’t aimed at the average casual gamer and aims to educate and entertain in equal amounts. Rather than being a game you’d play for 10 minutes on a lunch break, it’s a game you’ll want to sit down and play in longer sessions, take your time and learn the strategies the game teaches you.

If you’re looking for an investing sim with plenty of substance, you’ll enjoy Bank Foreclosure Millionaire. It’ll teach you about the ins and outs of property investing and let you test your knowledge in a highly interactive, fun environment.

Available to download now on Google Play.