Anagrams, as simple as they might look, can get very tricky. Forming a large number of words from a small group of alphabets, especially when you have many words to form, can be quite a bit of fun. And it helps you gauge your English language skill and your control over the language, while also helping you expand your vocabulary immensely. Anagrams HD, a iOS app, helps you with just that.


In the Anagrams HD app, there are many puzzles for you to enjoy. You are given a group of six alphabets and you have to form as many words from them as you can. As you do this, you will see your spellings and vocabulary undergo a tremendous positive change, one that you will surely appreciate and notice yourself. Resolving these anagrams can be quite hard with certain combinations of rarely used letters. If you love playing with words, then there is no way you will not like this app.


At the end of each round, you can shuffle to find out the words that you may have happened to miss out. There are numerous categories to choose from, which include general, animals and locations. The app is not free and costs $1.99, which comes with a secure password and user id. It is an app that is not only entertaining but also very educating. Be it a boring class or a journey or just some free time at home, this app will keep you occupied for sure. You just have to get your brain thinking and search your memory pool for newer words every time. You will sometimes be surprised by how many words you can recall.

The user interface has been kept simple and attractive, without any clutter. It had been designed especially for the Retina Display of the iPhone and iPad and has amazing graphics. It is excellent for those who are looking to build up their vocabulary or just wish to spend some free time. Unlike most other apps, it gets you thinking and before you know it, you’ll get hooked to it. For words, although formed of just 26 alphabets are numerous and can be very enticing.

The Anagrams HD app is presently available only in English, developed by Zaharia George- Lucian. A lot of thought has been put into making the game as simple and user-friendly as possible so that you are not confused by the graphics but can concentrate mainly on just the anagrams. Downloading the app from the iOS App Store or from iTunes is very easy and does not need much effort on your part.


The design is fabulous and the app is very educating, especially good for children. It helps you improve your spellings, memory and vocabulary. It has intelligent puzzles, which makes it quite an intellectual game that needs one to use their brains at any cost. This app stays true to what it promises and works really well on all iOS devices. Although the concept could get better, the game is a lot of fun and relaxing. Anagrams HD is a must try for the Grammar Nazis.

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