Now a day, the business of making iPhone apps is quite profitable for sure. However, the only problem in this business is to hire a developer who know the programming and through that he will create the app. Now, to hire a developer you have to spend a lot of money. However, now there is solution of this problem.

There are now a lot of tools by the help of which you can create apps very easily without spending money for the developer. Without having any knowledge of programming you can create apps easily with the help of these tools. Some of them are mentioned below.


By this tool the iPhone apps can be created without the help of programming. What you have to do only is drag and drop in this case. You have to select 8, 6 or 4 buttons. Then you have to drag and drop the buttons on the iPhone. The images have to be customized if required. The contents have to be entered after clicking the button. Then an account has to be created and thus you can create and publish your app easily.


This is another useful tool as per the tools to create a native app for iPhone without the knowledge of programming is concern. With the help of this tool, it becomes extremely easy to create an app. What you have to do in this case is that you have to provide the feed which is chosen. Then, you have to add some graphic work means design. The developing and submission will be taken care of by this tool. You can also monetize the app by the help of this tool also.


As per the app builders are concern iSites can be a very good option to choose. You can put in your feed whatever you want to give. Then you need to customize it and provide some graphic work and design and all the rest work will be taken care of this website. According to this website you can complete the whole process in only ten minutes. With the help of this website you can also change the feed of the app whenever you want.

My App Builder:

To use this tool you have to provide a monthly membership fee. If you put any kind of video, twitter stream or feed in this tool, this tool will automatically change it into an app. After giving the membership fee, you have to pay only a little fee for the publishing. In this case you have to provide the content and design only. All the other necessary work is done by the tool itself.

Some other tools and websites:

There are a lot of other tools and websites which can help you to build a native iPhone app without any kind of programming. Some of them are Tap Lynx, AppBreeder, Game Salad, Applncubator etc. All of them are extremely helpful to create an app for iPhone without the necessity of the programming knowledge.

Therefore, now it is not at all a must requirement to have the knowledge of programming to create an app for iPhone. You can do it within a very small time by the helps of various tools and websites by spending reasonable money.

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