Suppose you are sitting in the control room of a railway station and suddenly you get the message that two trains are running towards each other at full speed. What will you do? Will you ask both of them to stop and compromise with a delay or look for a side track where one of the trains can be switched to? The situation is confusing and significant as well as your decision affects a lot of other people and risks a lot of money as well. So, would you like to experience it in real via a virtual interface? If you do, read on.


I am talking about the iOSapp, Rails that has been developed by Belight Software. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 3.2 or later version of the OS. Talking about your role, you are like a Train Manager where you have to check the different routes of different trains and make sure that each train reaches its defined destination at the right time without any collision with others.


The gameplay of the app includes as many as 12 different trains. Not only do the trains differ by their name such as Snake, Kamikaze, Crazy, Service train, etc. but they also bear different characteristics such as some trains don’t stop while some may even explode with a bomb. So it’s your duty to handle each train accordingly. Also notice that each train must start and finish with the station of the same colour and the faster you do that, the more points you get. What you have to do is build tracks or switch them to change the direction of the trains. There are traffic lights also which may be used to stop one train and allow other to proceed avoiding a collision. You can even install new traffic lights just in case you need it.


You’ll be a part of three different chapters of winter, summer and spring which is almost a full year and during this contract, you’ll counter 60 different levels of puzzles and adventure. The stakes are much high for this game and that is why the developers have even included a tutorial as well as a demo level for practice before actually getting dirty in the battleground. The graphics are very good and dictate the high standards of this game.


The app is a little high priced than I thought at $4.99. No doubt that it’s a great game and you won’t find such a difficult and beautiful game in the store, but still the price is high for an average user. But I’m very glad to let you know that there is a 50% discount on the price tag and therefore you have to pay only $2.99 for this amazing puzzle. All I can say is – Best of Luck.

Pros: amazing graphics; 60 different levels; puzzling adventure against time; 50% discount on price tag.

Cons: very difficult for beginners.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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