We live in a crazy world that’s pretty non-stop. That means that it’s highly likely your stress levels are through the roof every day. Don’t have time for a massage or a relaxing day off of work? Don’t worry – the Angry BaBa: Hit and Far Away game is here to help! This fun and easy game will help take your mind off things, so you’ll be living stress-free in no time. You can just sit down, play a couple of quick rounds of the game, and you’ll be ready to take on the world again.

To get started, download the Angry BaBa: Hit and Far Away app (available at both the iTunes Store and Google Play) for free. There isn’t any set-up, so you can start playing right away. The goal of the game is to hit the targets flying over your character’s head. The farther the target flies away, the more points you’ll get. The objects can be anything from meteors and missiles to UFOs and space worms, so watch out for whatever comes your way. The best part is you’ll feel your stress dissipate every time you blow that target away!

There’s also a lot of variety to the game, which can help keep things interesting for you. For example, you can change your character to Giant, Zombie, Golem, Santa, or Robot, depending on your mood. Plus, as your target crashes into other items (like pelicans, space turtles, and space stingrays), rubies will drop to help you gain more points. Your score will continue to grow as you advance through the game and upgrade your skills and items. Angry BaBa: Hit and Far Away doesn’t require a ton of gamer skills, so you’ll be able to play even if you’re a beginner. And the entertaining sound effects and colorful 3D graphics will help you forget all of your outside problems as you focus on hitting your targets.

There are a few things that could possibly bring on some stress for you. The Angry BaBa: Hit and Far Away game does contain a lot of ads. If you get distracted easily, you might become frustrated with the banner ads that appear on the bottom of your screen during the game or the video ads that separate each round of play. If you’re wanting a completely free game, this app also might bring you down. To access all of the game’s features, you’ll have to make some in-app purchases that could end up hurting your wallet (which definitely won’t alleviate your stress!).

If you’d like to live a more stress-free life, download the Angry BaBa: Hit and Far Away game today. You’ll be hitting those targets, racking up points, and saying goodbye to your troubles all at once!