A Social security card normally has a nine-digit Social Security number that links with Social Security. The number enables the government to keep accurate records and data related to your wages or self-employment earnings. With this, they can also keep track of your record once you start getting benefits.

Many people, whether citizens or non citizens need to have a social security number when working in America. SSA does not usually assign new numbers, but they do when you request for one and below are 4 benefits to getting yourself a new social security card.

Property ownership

A social security card and number are very important when it comes to property ownership. With a social security number, you can legally purchase properties like houses, land, cars, among others.

Enhance security from identity theft cases

When a case of identity theft is reported to the SSA, the victim then requests for a replacement social security number. Alongside the request should be the evidence of having made all effort to resolve the identity theft to no avail. This includes problems with law enforcement, denied mortgages among other issues leading to hardship. It could also show that there has been a misuse of your social security number which might have resulted in either personal or financial hardship for some time.

Although the Identity Theft Resource Center wouldn’t recommend the changing of your Social Security number since there are other cases that can be addressed without you changing your number.

Instances of identity theft that are addressed immediately include getting new credit cards or closing your bank accounts if someone has tried to access it or might access it. However, if what you want is a new social security card and number, you can only get it as it was but not close it. Your old number will still be valid, but close monitoring should be ensured in case of future theft incidences.

A requirement in most organizations

A social security number is very important in most organizations as part of the requirements. Getting employment and a driver’s license requires you to be a holder of an SSN. Schools, bank and credit unions also require your social security number in order to offer you jobs or process documentation.

Provides for those in need

Many workers in the US whether they are citizens, non citizens, immigrants or nonimmigrants need an SSN to work in the US. This is because both employers and employees need to pay Social Security taxes. The taxes are accumulated into benefits and once they attain a retirement age, they are eligible to receive the benefits.

Calculated based on the amount of Social Security taxes you have paid depending on your pay, makes you eligible for a certain amount. The more income you receive, the greater the Social Security benefits. This enables you to live comfortably even at an old age when you do not have a source of income.

A new social security card and number can be obtained through four ways which include an application through the mail, although this is a bit risky, ordering a Social Security Card Replacement Online, applying in person or through third-Party Social Security Card Replacement. Get a new social security card today and enjoy the future benefits that come with it.