The internet is responsible for many things and changing gaming and the way we play games certainly is one of its greatest contributions. Some would argue that online gambling lacks the social elements that was a key feature of many old-fashioned games, but it is fair and safe to say that this is not a prevalent opinion. Online games, in many cases, are a lot more popular than conventional games and the internet helped spread a lot of regional variants of games that weren’t played elsewhere.

Even though most games nowadays are quite complex, both in terms of storyline and in terms of graphics, there are many online games that are based on older variations that were and still are popular conventional games. There isn’t a classic game that can’t be played online, including chess, checkers. When it comes to bingo, online bingo isn’t just a substitute for the conventional, land-based version of the game. Due to the fact that for many players it is a lot more convenient to play online, the number of online players has been growing steadily. By comparison, the number of bingo halls and players who visit them has been in decline, although we can’t say that land-based bingo is dead.

Modern bingo venues

In fact, the popularisation of online bingo and its exciting features, motivated a lot of organisers of land-based bingo games to look at alternative methods and as a result, in order to stay competitive and attract potential players that weren’t previously interested in bingo.

Larger cities were bingo was commonly played have seen a surge in alternative bingo venues, as well as bingo nights that take place at venues were bingo isn’t usually played. London is one notable example of this, but other cities in the UK aren’t exactly falling short. Language around bingo has changed too. Notice how we used the word ‘venue’, it is now a lot more common than ‘hall’, as it carries a modern vibe. Few years ago the BBC did a report on bingo and Britain’s lost and found love of the old game.

Modern bingo venues feature pub atmosphere, there are sofas and music and it feels like a nightclub more than a traditional bingo hall. The games bring local communities together, people come for a laugh, a bit and a drink, accompanied by a vivid and cheerful game of bingo.

Online bingo and its advantages

It may seem that this has little to do with the internet, but the contrary is the case. The growing popularisation of online bingo and the fact that many players who used to play conventional bingo were starting to getting used to the idea of playing bingo online. It seemed that players were quite fond of the idea that they were no longer required to leave their home to enjoy an exciting game of bingo, so land-based operators had to think of more exciting ways to encourage players to leave their homes and visit their bingo halls.

The first reason for the popularisation of online bingo is quite obvious, you don’t have to travel to the nearest bingo hall which in many cases can be miles away, even on the other side of town.

Online bingo sites usually offer various incentives, as the market is quite competitive. Players get free bingo tickets that allow them to play for a prize without having to pay a single penny for a ticket. The prizes awarded in these free bingo rooms are not insignificant.

In addition to bingo games, a lot of bingo sites are also offering slots and other casino games and there are even non-bingo bonuses which is an additional incentive.

There is a significant difference in terms of game variety as well. Bingo sites are limited by space and they can offer as many bingo games as they like and multiple games can take place at the same time. This enabled a lot of UK bingo players to familiarise themselves with 75-ball bingo, a variant which is dominant in the US, and vice-versa, Americans got the chance to try out 90-ball bingo that’s also known as British bingo.

In short, the internet made bingo a lot more competitive, a lot more dynamic and that motivated both players, as well as bingo operators. As a result, while land-based bingo may have seemed like a thing of the past, online bingo is here to stay.