journeyfulA hotel is home for a tourist – a second home. He expects it to be as good as he’s used to and when it doesn’t meet his expectations, it leaves a sour taste that you start recognizing with the whole tour; the place, the people and your experience. So when you’re planning a tour, you’re always worried about how the hotels will turn out to be. The fear is more because you’re going to a new country and you’re completely unaware of the location of the hotel, if the price is satisfactory or not and searching for better hotels takes up more time than the tour itself. Hadn’t it been great if you could find them all at one place where you could compare them and then choose the best fitting in your slot? So let’s take a tour to the consultants and see what they’ve got in store for us!

Don’t worry! We’re not taking you to any agency but a website ( The website has been designed in such a way that you can find answers to your entire hotel regarding queries with just a click. Just enter the name of the city or the region and you’ll get a list of all the available hotels with their corresponding prices. The list includes all the different rooms available and you can book them right away from the website. No need to contact the hotel owner any further. But hotel search is not the prime feature of this website. It’s actually the unbeatable price tag that makes this website special. So if you have already selected a hotel, still you can search it here and you might get a better deal.

You can sort out the list of hotels by price or rating which is given by other users of the website. So it’s another useful feature that gives you honest insight into the past experiences of others. Moreover, booking hotels from here earns you special rewards which can be redeemed on later deals. So it’s like a saving fest here! Adding more to it, if you’re looking to book a ferry, they have a solution for that as well. Just that right now it’s available between two ports only.

Another very important department to explore in here is M.I.C.E. It’s actually an event manager where they have a team that will cater to all your needs & requirements right from the start till the end of the conference, meeting or whatever event you’ve planned. Whether it is home or abroad soil, they’ve things under control. Apart from just planning, designing and executing your event, they’ll also help you in conducting a better meeting that reflects better results. If you’re interested but worried about how much they will charge, just tell them your requirements and they’ll give you a free quote.

So overall, Journeyful is a tour and event manager that’s easy to use and speaks in a manner that’s audible to everyone; a small businessman or CEO of a MNC.

Pros: compare hotels by price or rating; unbeatable prices; bonus rewards; event manager; ferry booking.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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